Mekoor IP Ventures: Venturing into Next-Gen Education

The $1.3 trillion US education sector is undergoing a significant technology-empowered transformation, from a one-provider facility centered model to an anyplace, anytime, multi-provider model. Newer learner-preference centered paradigms with consumer-grade services, and competitive costs are rapidly taking root. Andy Pulianda, Operations Principal at Mekoor IP Ventures, opines that the cloud is at the heart of this shift because it eliminates the need for EDUs to make capital investments, broadens access to everyone, enables global communities, incorporates digital content in exciting new ways, engages the learner via newer pathways like game based e-learning and mixed reality. Mekoor IP Ventures, based in the Dallas FortWorth metroplex in Texas, is well poised to contribute to this shift with its vision to be the keystone player in the new Ed. Tech. ecosystem. Started in 2013, the company has developed intellectual property, technologies, platforms and ventures for EDU models that are emerging. According to Andy, “Our strategy is not to re-package legacy technologies for the new EDU ecosystem; instead we’re creating new foundational capabilities—the DNA for the new EDU ecosystem. These are cloud hosted, and use technologies such as AI, machine learning, cognition, blockchain, and mixed reality along with industry standards such as EdFi, SIF, LTI, Microsoft SDS and OneRoster.”

SchoolNEO is a platform and venture serving traditional EDUs with a desire to simultaneously cater to their growing non-traditional learner community. It is also the first company to offer a purpose-built FERPA-secure cloud for EDUs; a one-stop-shop to find, create, deploy, integrate, support and transform any operational capability. This is made possible by 200+ EDU-specific services covering infrastructure, security, data management, dashboards, analytics, machine learning, and business productivity. SchoonNEO serves K-12, Higher Ed., Vocational Ed., Corporate Ed., and Education Agencies worldwide. The recently launched SchoolNEO Solution Management Center is a first-of-its-kind portal for EDUs and service providers, combining cloud-brokerage, service brokerage, marketplace, service deployment, support desk, integration, collaboration, and E-Rate management.

SchoolHouz is another platform and venture serving a growing global community of non-traditional learners and families where learners simultaneously enroll in several EDUs, assembling a selective, highly personalized and specialized portfolio of competencies. The technologies underpinning both SchoolNEO and SchoolHouz work together behind the scenes, ensuring secure seamless access to the entire spectrum of learner preferences and learning providers.

Using SchoolLOGIX, a Texas EDU automated several workflows, freeing IT talent for more valuable services

Using blockchain technologies, SchoolHouz ensures tamper-proof credentialing, and high-trust credential verification for providers, learners and future employers.

Adding to the portfolio is EDUanalytix, an advanced analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that utilizes AI, machine learning and cognitive analytics to provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive results across a range of visualization and delivery platforms. EDUanalytix is ideal for forecasting metrics such as dropout, graduation, educator effectiveness, curriculum effectiveness and roster optimization.

Enveloping the wide array of platforms is Login Genie—a comprehensive secure-identity and access-management platform for EDUs and a free family edition. This platform provides Single Sign-On (SSO), access-personalization, content personalization, e-commerce, and personalized content delivery. Login Genie also allows content-access to be tailored to the individual classroom or learning lab.

SchoolLOGIX, a hybrid Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform, automates almost any EDU-specific workflow currently being performed manually. According to Andy “Using SchoolLOGIX, a Texas EDU automated several workflows, freeing IT talent for more valuable services.”

Moving ahead, Mekoor IP Ventures is focused on serving a growing EDU base while also pursuing partnerships to reach a global audience. “We see many exciting opportunities to influence the way education happens next.” concludes Pulianda.

Mekoor IP Ventures

Flower Mound, TX

Andy Pulianda, Operations Principal

Develops intellectual property, technologies, and ventures for emerging EDU models serving institutions, individuals, and corporations

Mekoor IP Ventures