Melinae: Data and Analytics to Drive Business Results

Jim Quallen, CEO
The use of Big Data is becoming the base of competition and growth for individual firms, to enhance productivity and create a significant value for the world economy. However, there is a huge, untapped probability to drive rich and powerful insights into product, customer, and sales person performance just by leveraging the already existing data within a company’s multiple standalone systems. Mining the information needed for competitive intelligence from internal systems in an organization is often challenging and CIOs now struggle to extract data from systems and convert it into useful actionable insights. Organizations require solutions to aggregate and cleanse the historical data to serve as a foundation for sophisticated analytics. Bridging this gap between the process and technology is Melinae, a single-source provider of practical big data solutions. The company builds analytic tools that use the data assets within legacy systems as well as select external information to generate value on an ongoing basis.

Melinae focuses on solving business challenges through the use of data and advanced analytics. The company blends advanced analytics with deep business acumen to create the linkages between high-level strategic objectives and the underlying data or processes necessary to deliver results. According to Jim Quallen, CEO, Melinae, organizations rarely have a solid grasp on the information already resident in their various systems. Beyond mining existing data assets, companies are starting to understand the value of external data. While syndicated data is interesting, it is often incomplete or not at the most useful level of detail so innovative sources and techniques are necessary to get the right information. “Once the data across systems are understood and combined, predictive models can be built to create new insights to the client’s business challenges,” asserts Quallen. “One of the key differentiators in our process is to have business specialists sitting side by side with database specialists during the data evaluation. This gives us the ability to quickly understand the ‘art of the possible with clients’ data.” Melinae has built a range of cleaning routines, matching algorithms, and “base” data structures to speed up this step.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to assemble and cleanse data to make it analyzable and actionable

“We provide a comprehensive suite of services to transform data assets into actionable insights,” explains Quallen. They also help firms find predictive signals in the data, turn those signals into meaningful predictions and lay out the actions that need to be taken to deliver on the opportunity. “For example, we recently helped a large B2B manufacturer to create a sales ‘nerve center’ through implementation of our product,” adds Quallen. The client faced complexities due to changed ownership, redistricted sales territories, and the entry of a low price competitor in many markets. In just four months, Melinae, using their tools, was able to extract, clean, and organize the data to support deployment of tools that measured and normalized sales productivity, prioritized opportunities to increase revenue growth, identified customers at risk of attrition and deliver insights to multiple levels of the organization using visualization tools.

The company stays relevant by focusing on delivering implementable solutions and creating a successful analytical approach for the CIOs who are tired of long-term engagements with hard to quantify results. “We deliver value in a short timeframe and grow our business through radiating references. Our results speak for themselves and we have consistently helped our customers transform their businesses. We are constantly adapting and staying flexible to client needs leading us to expand our product offering and continue to enter new markets,” concludes Quallen.


Hoboken, NJ

Jim Quallen, CEO

Solving business challenges facing global organizations through the use of data and advanced analytics