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Matthew Elefant Founder & Managing Partner
The marriage of creativity, strategy, technology, and the potential business impact as an economic multiplier has been the north star for Melity’s value proposition since their founding in 2007. “Digital” provides a canvas for their customer platforms and communications, new data to inspire customer insights and program optimization as well as new technologies to enhance the customer experiences they create. The Somerset, N.J. based firm recognizes that digital is much more than a channel or toolset. It is an integrated aspect of consumer mindset and behaviors. Since customers live digitally-enhanced lives, Melity has developed world class digital creative, strategic and technical capabilities that work together to create best–in-class experiences for their B2B or B2C customers.

“Melity helps companies turn technology into Business Transformation,” explained Matthew Paul Elefant, Founder and Managing Partner, Melity.

Melity engages with their customers to get to know the finer points of the organizations’ needs and goals. They then outline and implement processes to create business innovation through Omni Channel experiences to increase customer engagement. The end result enables their customers to create value, relevance and revenue through digital.

Deploying enterprise web applications is only one of the hurdle’s Melity works with customers to solves. Melity also understands they must work internally with their customers and business users to increase user adoption in order for their clients to be successful.

Melity helps companies turn technology into Business Transformation

Through a speedy development process, Melity is able to tailor solutions to business workflows enabling customers to automate operational processes. “We believe in understanding the business processes of our customers and customizing software accordingly rather t han adopting a ‘one-size-fits-all approach,” said Elefant. “As a result we are able to deliver products that fit the clients’ needs.”

There has been a high adoption rate among Melity’s customers. In one instance, Melity helped a large e-commerce organization take their business to a global level without having to revamp their operations. As a result, users gained access to the same tools, creating one platform with a single set of user controls as opposed to having multiple applications for each country. As a result, they were able to launch a fully customized ecommerce site in weeks rather then months. Additionally, the client was able to control brand imaging and content from one central location, creating a unified brand image for their customers.

In a world where digital is becoming a necessity, Melity helps customers manage and monetize technology that will help them grow for the future. “We are proud of the results we deliver for our customers, and appreciate them for the honor and acknowledgment of our services,” said Elefant.

Melity LLC

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Matthew Elefant Founder & Managing Partner

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