Member Access Pacific (MAP): The Comprehensive Card Processing Program

Cyndie Martini, President and CEO
Credit unions today are focusing more on evaluating their card program and processing needs as customer centricity and improved profit margins take center stage. As credit unions deal with the changing regulatory environment, online fraud, and competitive demands, the challenges aggravate as they have fewer resources to manage the intricacies of card transaction processing. To overcome these predicaments, Member Access Pacific (MAP) has designed a state-of-the-art Visa payment processing platform that helps credit unions and its members improve transparency, functionality, and accessibility of card usage. “As a professional advocate, our role is to support credit unions manage their day-to-day complexities of the settlement, financial transactions, and authorization,” says, Cyndie Martini, President and CEO, Member Access Pacific.

MAP has been the trusted card-processing services partner for the large as well as small credit unions for more than two decades. In association with Visa, a leading payment company, MAP offers enhanced technology, security, and services for credit unions to fortify their financial growth. “Our user-friendly, web-based administrative tools offer credit unions a straightforward implementation and trouble-free operation of their debit, credit, ATM and reloadable programs,” says Martini.

Firstly, as a part of the card program, MAP’s subject matter leaders invest the necessary amount of time in analyzing customer’s payment environment, understanding predicaments, and objectives, and subsequently crafting best card processing solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Unlike other card processing institutions, MAP’s experts have an in-depth knowledge about various payment methods, including digital payments that enable credit union members to make purchases using many different types of point of sale.

One of the major criteria for launching a new card program is to integrate payment processing with account data in order to centralize all the information about the cardholders and their transactions. MAP’s customized end-to-end card processing program with single-source convenience helps credit unions and its members to minimize the overall payment processing costs.

Our role is to support credit unions manage their day-to-day complexities of the settlement, financial transactions, and authorizations

By utilizing Visa debit processing platform’s comprehensive risk management services, the company provides fraudulent activity reporting and advanced network fraud detection support that helps credit unions minimize fraud losses and maximize profits. The company adopts a multi-layer approach to provide added security and a risk-based model to understand the client’s level of risk tolerance. In addition, the straightforward pricing structure offered as a part of customizable card processing solutions frees credit unions from unknown and unpredictable expenses.

With MAP’s card processing solutions, credit unions get enhanced authorization processing service that enables them to protect their accounts from unauthorized usage. Furthermore, MAP’s back-office and administration portals allow credit unions to securely manage and monitor the cardholder information while updating the financial transaction in real-time. It also simplifies the execution of all tasks for credit unions from basic account number search to robust name search capabilities associated with cardholder’s records. MAP also provides cardholder support services through Visa’s international call centers. All the issues including card activation, hot carding, fraud monitoring and case management can be handled efficiently using MAP’s card processing services.

Currently, MAP is expanding its product line to include security features such as biometric authentication and two-way communications to secure financial transactions. As per Martini “MAP is all set to disrupt the digital world by launching a dual packed solution for digital enablement that will help customers to shift from card to digital payments."

Member Access Pacific

Seattle, WA

Cyndie Martini, President and CEO

Provides state-of-the-art Visa debit processing platform that helps credit unions and its members to improve transparency, functionality and accessibility of card usage

Member Access Pacific