Memberson: Loyalty and Engagement Strategies that Drive Success

Lars Hubinette, Managing Director
Technology advancement is disrupting the customer loyalty and engagement space today. Growth in smart devices, mobile applications, and Artificial Intelligence, coupled with digital native consumers are changing the rules of customer engagement. While the new consumer journeys can be challenging to navigate, from online to offline to online, what companies need is a flexible, future-proof loyalty and customer engagement system with an open API structure at its core—enabling clients to connect to any customer touchpoint or innovation that will happen in the future. Memberson helps companies achieve this feat.

Headquartered in Singapore, Memberson enables any kind of loyalty and membership concept to be created on the platform which is used to execute the right omnichannel customer engagement for the individual consumer. It empowers businesses to visualize current and planned customer journeys and the key customer touchpoints across different channels. By integrating a rich set of features from loyalty to analytics, campaigns and social integration along with transactional features, Memberson’s Reaktor platform helps clients engage with customers according to their individual lifestyle journeys, automatically. The technology connects real-time channels and touchpoints to automate personalized engagement through multichannel loyalty and marketing programs.

“Reaktor is optimized for very high volumes of transactions in real-time, which enables retailers, shopping mall operators, and multi-brand retailers and F&B to connect, engage, and transact with shoppers and customers, automatically and individually,” says Lars Hubinette, Managing Director at Memberson. It has feature-rich modules called Shopper series applications, including ShopperConnect that helps connect with customers across multiple touchpoints; ShopperEngage with a marketing cloud that creates automated, real-time campaigns, through e-mail, SMS, push and social; ShopperMobile that uses smart phones to connect and engage through wallets, stored value cards, e-vouchers and instant real-time messages based on location; and ShopperGamification that uses data-driven motivational techniques and award badges, competitions, and lucky draws, as customers shop more.

This solution enables the client to create and manage multiple loyalty concept and program, in one platform, with personalized engagement and interaction to connect, build relationships, and drive loyalty from their targeted customers.

Flexibility of our platform allows managing all different aspects of loyalty concepts

“Our loyalty platform allows you to manage all aspects of a loyalty concept that may include points, vouchers, prepaid cards, promotions, and various types of gamification, inquiries, ratings, and campaigns,” says Hubinette. The company has recently launched its improved mobile wallet that includes membership portals, virtual vouchers, stored value accounts and other exclusive features—all with the ‘API Connect’ capability.

Memberson’s solutions solve nearly all the struggles that retailers and consumers encounter in their shopping journeys. A large multi-brand company managed and customized several different customer databases for various brands. They had many issues including no overview of the overall cost, lack of consistency in data management with limited membership management features. Memberson stepped in and consolidated all in one system, deployed multiple loyalty concepts while providing the client with a more comprehensive solution for customer engagement. With everything in one place, the client was able to reduce overhead costs and even employ a mobile engagement strategy for all the brands.

So, what does the future of customer engagement holds? “Get the basic rights first, seamless customer journey’s, online to offline to online, to connect and engage with your customers. After that Augmented and, Virtual Reality coupled with Artificial Intelligence would spearhead an era of innovative methodologies to trigger brand awareness among customers that we may not yet have thought of,” suggests Hubinette. As per him, the insights obtained from consumer data—such as buying behavior, the channel behavior, demographic, and the psychographic data—will help clients modify their loyalty concepts, and change the brand strategy for engaging more customers.

Along with these developments in the market, Memberson will continue to revolutionize the way customers interact with businesses directly and indirectly— driving improved value and loyalty, repeat business and longevity of relationships.



Lars Hubinette, Managing Director

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