MemoryMD: Correlation of Concussion Data for Effective Diagnosis

Dr. HJ Raza, Chief Medical Officer
The sports arena has been battling with players’ game-borne head injuries or on-field concussions, despite following stringent rules and regulations, safer practices, and usage of protective gears. The surge in number of concussions, prompted the founders of MemoryMD to swing into action and make in-time concussion treatment—a reality. New York based MemoryMD developed cloud-based, wireless platform that would record and transfer electroencephalograms (EEGs)—a brain wave representation, a vital requisite in the treatment of head injuries, and further processing that would aid in the right treatment. “Conventionally, the treatment for concussion is based on subjective information provided by the athletes,” states Dr. HJ Raza, Chief Medical Officer, MemoryMD. “Our validated solutions inject objectivity into concussion treatment and helps physicians to perform immediate assessment.”

With its solutions and cloud based platform, MemoryMD contributes in diagnosis, treatment, and analysis of player’s activities. The company provides Neurocap and NeuroEEG to quicken concussion treatments. Neurocap, which facilitates quick EEG tests, is a soft layered cap with an integrated circuit that can be easily used with web based training. The tool is designed in accordance with global electrode system and fitted with 16 electrodes. As soon the player or patient wears the Neurocap, the device starts functioning and transmits data to NeuroEEG.

NeuroEEG is a wireless, user-friendly, and portable clinical platform, which records EEG in an expedited manner. “Our device is affordable for sports teams of high schools and colleges as well,” continues Dr. Raza. “The device enables MemoryMD to facilitate patient monitoring, post-concussion syndrome surveillance, and test rehabilitation therapy.” NeuroEEG measures the brain rate and assists the doctors in post injury follow-up process and surveillance of the patient’s condition. “Data provided by our platform caters to the process of Neuroplasticity,” says Dr. Raza. NeuroEEG transmits data to the cloud that analyzes the information with the help of in-built algorithms, subsequently updates the database with the new information, and algorithms structure data and present it in readable form. “Through our devices, algorithms, and data, we bring granularity in the diagnostic process,” says Dr. Raza.

MemoryMD, with objective data and tools, is assuaging the situation for sportspersons, authorities, and caregivers

MemoryMD’s team of neurologists participates in the data interpretation, analyzes each individual case, and suggests the further treatment. The team compares the information with historical data and its analysis assists in the decision making process of healthcare practitioners. The level of efficiency that MemoryMD infuses in concussion treatment can be understood from real life examples. If a football player receives a head injury during the game, usually cumbersome medical evaluation follows. Here MemoryMD breaks the mold. “For example if there is injury to the frontal lobe, our platform quickly recognizes it as a marker for concussion and helps the practitioner in the diagnosis,” says Dr. Raza. The practitioner can track the voltages, height of the wave, frequency, distribution, coherence with other networks in the brain. “Our platform maps these parameters precisely and combines the subjective information from the athlete and 100 percent objective information from MemoryMD database,” states Dr. Raza.

“We operate in open source environment and allow users to process EEG data through APIs,” states Dr. Raza. MemoryMD’s solutions find applicability in fields of medical sciences like neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology and treatment of diseases like PTSD, Autism where tracking brain function is imperative. “Every year, 3.8 million concussions occur due to sports related injuries. MemoryMD, with its objective data and tools, is assuaging the situation for sportspersons, authorities, and caregivers,” says Dr. Raza. The company is currently working with major football leagues to accelerate the treatment of concussions and end-to-end services will be rolled out in the next year. MemoryMD aims to foray into new areas like consumer behavior analysis with strategic partnerships.


New York, NY

Dr. HJ Raza, Chief Medical Officer

MemoryMD is a cloud-based, neurodiagnostic and predictive technology platform, empowering clinicians to improve the quality of their health services