Mental Health Technologies: A Technology-led Revolution in Behavioral Health Space

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Can behavioral health and substance abuse screening be as convenient and straightforward as getting a blood pressure test? The answer is a resounding yes with Mental Health Technologies (MHT). By leveraging American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association-approved psychiatric assessments, MHT’s HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform brings never-before-seen simplicity into the mental health care journey.

Our society is breaking away from mental health stigma, bringing the need for MHT’s innovative behavioral health assessment platform to the fore.

“Our platform is enabling people to open up more easily about their mental health issues while also empowering healthcare providers to accurately assess patients’ behavioral test data and make effective care plans,” mentions Ernie Wallerstein, Founder and CEO of MHT.

With MHT, everyone—from specialists to primary care physicians—can use the intuitive mobile app to seamlessly integrate behavioral health assessments into patient visits before arriving to the office, and make mental health assessment a part of their care delivery model. After completing the assessments, the physicians can also instantly get comprehensive reports, adding efficiency and data to their treatment strategies.

Powering the MHT platform are robust artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to determine patients’ medical conditions. ML helps in randomizing psychiatric assessment questions at each stage of the test based on how a patient answers each question. Then, the AI algorithms immediately score the evaluation to create a highly personalized report for each patient, enabling doctors to ascertain the right level of care for that individual. If under any circumstances a patient seems to be at sensitive mental state and physicians need expert supervision to help these patients, they can escalate the report to certified mental health professionals through the MHT platform.
This recent client success story underscores how critical MHT is becoming for the overall behavioral health ecosystem. The medical directors of a reputed mental health clinic were looking to measure the performance of their in-house providers by objectively assessing their patients’ mental wellbeing. MHT not only allowed the medical directors to access all the necessary data easily and efficiently, but it also used its AI capabilities to deliver the improvement patterns of their patients. This led to an overall improvement in clinic management and patient care for the clinic, without sacrificing any time or resources.

We ensure that our mental health assessment platform makes sense from not only a clinical perspective but also financial aspects

While MHT’s services and offerings are impressive enough, they also offer an attractive billing package to keep client costs low; physicians are charged based only on the successful tests/assessments their patients take.

For example, if a healthcare provider sends out 100 tests to patients and only 25 are answered, MHT only bills for the 25 completed tests. “We ensure that our mental health assessment platform makes sense from not only a clinical perspective but also financial aspects,” highlights Wallerstein.

In the coming months, MHT is poised to continue building on its existing capabilities. The next phase for MHT is to begin work on predictive mental health models differentiated by demographics in order to allow healthcare providers to better model population health. MHT would then be able to use its assessment and analytics platform to help physicians decipher the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health, particularly for the children and teenagers who spent months at home devoid of social interaction. As more individuals seek professional help to address their life and health challenges, MHT’s mission is to help facilitate that process in every way they can.

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MHT’s goal is to horizontally integrate the entire mental health process for healthcare professionals and make behavioral health and substance abuse screening as common as blood pressure tests