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Amy Goode, CEO
Despite a rapid path through leadership positions in the Public Accounting world, Amy Goode is not one to rest on her laurels. In 2003, following her entrepreneurial instincts, Amy founded Meridian Business Services to provide strategic financial advice, audit and tax services to clients across multiple industries. She realized early on that small businesses on fast growth trajectories were in dire need of a partner to assist with long-term technology planning to sustain their growth. Meridian has transformed itself into a professional services firm, partnering with these businesses to meet not only their traditional accounting and back-office process requirements but also equipping them with tools to drive better strategic decisions.

Today, Meridian is a recognized top-tier NetSuite Solution Partner, empowering businesses with NetSuite know-how and strategic business resources. “What makes us different is our financials-first focus while implementing all aspects of the NetSuite platform,” says Amy, CEO, Meridian Business Services. For business leaders ready to ride the wave of digital transformation, Meridian can replace conventional tools like QuickBooks, spreadsheets, and legacy ERP solutions with NetSuite’s highly-scalable solutions focused on simplifying mission-critical processes. From advanced financials, inventory optimization, advanced procurement and beyond, Meridian focuses on accelerating business growth and enabling innovative business processes through a singular commitment to optimizing NetSuite’s Cloud-ERP for its clients.

“We take a holistic approach to improving organizational workflow and business agility. In doing so, we help our clients understand the value of a platform that can help them rapidly adapt to marketplace changes, like the dramatic shift in supply chain business requirements most distributors and manufacturers are experiencing today. It all boils down to understanding the value of consolidating processes like finance, CRM, fulfillment, and e-commerce to capture cost savings and enable operational simplicity,” says Doug Borcherding, Managing Director, Meridian Business Services.
At the outset of a client relationship, the company invests in fully analyzing client requirements and zeroes in on the elements of the NetSuite platform that will best serve its business needs–taking a “minimum viable configuration” approach to optimizing project time to value and overall business impact.

Meridian not only enables its clients to utilize NetSuite easily, but goes the extra mile by drawing on the capabilities of the NetSuite ecosystem of integrated “SuiteApps” partners. Acting as a customer’s technology “general contractor”, Meridian leverages its alliances with other solution providers to extend NetSuite’s value and bring solutions like advanced inventory optimization, demand planning, and EDI to the table, while fine-tuning the financial elements associated with each of these processes. As part of its delivery team, a financial analyst collaborates with clients and ensures optimal economic outcomes.

For enterprises seeking a comprehensive ERP solution, Meridian’s in-house NetSuite implementation team facilitates the entire financial and operational transition. For example, a commercial equipment distributor sought a partner to eliminate complexities in inventory management and duplicate entries in order entry and fulfillment processes. The client was also struggling with process alignment between order entry, accounting, and sales. Through collaboration with Meridian, the distributor streamlined a gamut of processes across these operational silos. With NetSuite in place, the client delivered automated pricing and promotional order algorithms improving real time reporting, order visibility and eliminated duplicate data entry across all operational departments, increasing both employee and customer satisfaction.

To build similar success stories, Meridian plans to continue adding NetSuite talent and grow its partner network. As a part of its mission to resolve complexities in supply chain and distribution, Meridian intends to build out additional complementary solution “bundles” to augment the NetSuite system. The firm recognizes the challenges facing small and medium businesses undertaking digital transformation and aspires to be their go-tochoice for NetSuite solutions.

Meridian Business Services

Overland Park, KS

Amy Goode, CEO and Doug Borcherding, Managing Director

Top-tier NetSuite partner delivering systems consolidation through a “financials first” approach to supply chain optimization

Meridian Business Services