Meridian Medical Management: Integrating ERM, RCM and Medical Coding for Superior Patient Experience

Rob Gontarek, President and CEO
C.P. Snow, a famous English physical chemist and novelist, once said, “Technology is a doubled-edged sword. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” Interestingly, this notion holds true for the evolving healthcare sector, as nearly one in every four CIOs in this sector claims that technology is getting in their way and slowing them down. This is prompting them to explore new ways to deal with complex technology integrations. Helping them in this cause is Meridian Medical Management (M3). Led by Rob Gontarek, President and CEO, M3 is making giant strides in removing obstacles in the delivery of services and solutions to solve the most complex problems in healthcare.

Headquartered in Wilbraham, MA, Meridian Medical Management is a leading provider of outsourced revenue cycle management, electronic health record, and system integration services for large, complex multispecialty groups and academic practice plans. The company provides full implementation services for both revenue cycle services and EMR technology. It also acts as a first and second tier support for the practice's end users. “We are not a revenue cycle management company that is only focused on revenue cycle, or a consulting firm that is only focused on EMR technologies. For our customers, we perform all of the heavy lifting and deliver those services using a fully integrated platform,” affirms Gontarek. “In a true sense, we are in partnership with our clients and use our core technologies to help them deliver care to patients while making sure that the technology is optimized and doesn’t impede productivity,” he adds.

In support of their clients, M3 provides rapid deployment and systems integration for multiple third party vendors. “Our ability to perform this in a way that really delivers the highest functionality to our clients, without obstacles, eliminates the burden of having to manage or be responsible for multiple third party products,” claims Gontarek. “With us, our clients have one company to call, who is accountable for the performance of multiple platforms,” he notes.
M3’s clients have access to a complete suite of advanced clinical and financial tools, enabling them to maximize their efficiency through clinical practices, and make well informed business decisions through the use of best of breed business intelligence tools. The success story of a large academic practice plan based on the East Coast is a case in point. The practice was in a distressed state having an outdated revenue cycle solution and an EMR system which was being sunset.

They also had budget constraints impacting purchase and implementation. Selected as the vendor of choice after a lengthy RFP process, M3 delivered a fully integrated EMR system that operated across multiple locations as well as a revenue cycle management service customized around their complex, multisite, multi-specialty clinic operations. As a result of this engagement, the client was able to achieve the objective of functioning as a fully integrated, operational EMR with all of the practice management systems and procedures in place for maximizing clinical performance. The financial performance of the practice was supported with advanced business intelligence tools and an experienced RCM team of professionals and staff.

In a true sense, we are in partnership with our customers and use our core technologies to help them deliver care to the patients

“Moving ahead, we aspire to be the ‘one call’ that our customers make first,” says Stuart Schmidt, VP-Client Development at M3. “We are also expanding our capabilities to meet the needs of the healthcare market as it moves into the era of quality based relationships,” affirms Schmidt. The company plans to be aggressive in making strategic acquisitions and partner with firms to deliver advanced patient-facing technologies to their clients.

Meridian Medical Management

Wilbraham, MA

Rob Gontarek, President and CEO

Provider of revenue cycle, business intelligence, EMR, and system integration services for multi-specialty physician and academic practice groups.