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David Skinner, SVP, Head of Strategic Alliance
The classic rule of thumb that considers ‘process’ as the center of the marketing universe is not only obsolete but it never existed in the first place. In fact, outcomes-driven marketing is all about crafting people-based advertising that resonates with consumers, instead of forcing products on a contrived target market. In this scenario, with over three decades of experience in managing campaigns to engage real people, Merkle, a global data-driven performance marketing agency is setting a new paradigm in the marketing world. “The future of marketing is about leveraging data and technology to understand the audience at the personal level and tailoring every interaction with marked precision,” remarks David Skinner, SVP, Head of Strategic Alliances, Merkle.

Merkle excels in helping companies deliver precision-based experiences through the mastery that it has gained over the years in performance media and digital advertising. The agency supports marketers through the entire journey—from driving awareness and engagement to managing commerce and loyal customers—with a unified view of the customer. Merkle has rich experience in working with Adobe Experience Cloud’s suite of technologies, including Adobe Analytics, Experience Manager, and Campaign, through which it builds custom solutions that perfectly blend brand, data, and technology. “As a global Alliance Solution Partner with Adobe, Merkle has over 600 marketing cloud technologists and out of those, over 230 are Adobe certified,” informs Skinner.

He explains that Adobe Experience Cloud empowers marketers with six integrated marketing technologies that focus on analytics, web, and app experience management, testing and decisioning, advertising, social engagement and campaign orchestration. For organizations looking to leverage Adobe Experience Cloud, Merkle provides single-or multi-solution offerings for a personal and connected cross-channel experience. The company’s offerings, including robust marketing automation solutions are designed for business value realization. For the long-term benefit of clients, Merkle also provides a vision-value roadmap that defines marketers’ goals, technology strategy, and strategic approach.

As a global Alliance Solution Partner with Adobe, Merkle has over 600 marketing cloud technologists and out of them over 230 are Adobe certified

What makes Merkle a cut above other marketing solution providers is the tremendous effort the company makes in crafting a well thought out data-driven strategy. From the outset, the company leverages people-based data to create personalized experiences for clients that improves brand messaging, visual design, and augments the effectiveness of user-interfaces. They help marketers plan and execute high-performing media and campaign programs keeping in mind the intended audience. Moreover, to address all the scalability and integration issues that marketers face, Merkle offers enterprise technology services to seamlessly manage and implement marketing and advertising platforms.

In addition, Merkle utilizes a proprietary data set, DataSource, to gain consumer insights that help drive targeted media campaigns and direct response. “We connect our database to all digital channels using M1, Dentsu Aegis Network’s people-based planning and activation platform,” says Skinner. For brands that are ready for a more customized relationship with consumers, Merkle offers compelling CRM solutions. To further strengthen their CRM program, Merkle offers a SaaS loyalty program allowing companies to design, deploy, and optimize omnichannel loyalty solutions.

In the upcoming days, Merkle is planning to continue the global roll out of M1 to additional markets and formally piece together their people-based data assets with Adobe Experience Cloud. “We also have major geographical expansion plans with a focus on Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Australia,” says Skinner.


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David Skinner, SVP, Head of Strategic Alliance and David Williams, CEO Neil Gissler, COO Hap Brakeley, Chief Growth Officer Craig Dempster, President, Americas

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