Mesh Systems: Proof-of-Value for IoT Deployments

Doug Brune, Co-founder & COO
Doug Brune, prior to co-founding Mesh Systems, spent over a decade in the banking/finance sector where slim operating margins were the norm. Profitability in industries such as these is about driving costs down through implementation of efficient workflows. He viewed IoT technologies as having huge potential in helping realize this universal goal. “IoT is about driving efficiencies, lowering costs, and making workflows optimal for the adopting businesses and end users,” he quips. Doug also observed that the dream of delivering this kind of value was beginning to drive IoT’s increased demand across industries. While many companies were looking to adopt an IoT strategy, there was no proven platform that could help them take an active part in the Industry 4.0 revolution. To address the challenge, he co-founded Mesh Systems in 2005 with Richard Baxter and Uriel Kluk.

Complete, turnkey IoT systems delivered –Mesh Systems builds complete IoT solutions for companies. The turnkey, cloud-based IoT approach is specific to a client’s particular business application (Thing) and includes expertise in device design, embedded manufacturing engineering, certification of connected devices, integrated software, network connectivity, data storage and analysis. “The company operates as a full stack solution provider and we participate and add value in almost every aspect of IoT solution deployment,” remarks Brune, who also leads Mesh Systems as its COO.

Data in motion –Mesh Systems not only helps OEMs build end-to-end smart products but also offers proof-of-value. For instance, they can show clients how to leverage data from the IoT device to ensure its serviceability. Each always-on, always-connected “thing” generates vast amounts of data and Mesh Systems delivers a cloud-based platform that ingests this data and builds business rules a round i t. Before it c an d eliver value, ingested device data needs to be analyzed –on a semi-real-time and real-time basis to derive actionable insights to monitor, control and command smart systems and their connected devices. For increased nimbleness, Mesh Systems leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure to deliver powerful cloud computing capabilities that effectively manage massive amounts of data coming into and from the platform.

The company operates as a full stack solution provider and we participate and add value in almost every aspect of an IoT solution deployment

An expert IoT partner for now and the future–Mesh Systems, for over a decade has been delivering Smart systems to organizations in different vertical industries. Thousands of Smart products have found their way into manufactured units, restaurants, marinas, parking lots, convenience stores and even at the top of Eiffel Tower. In one customer example, WLS Lighting, producers of state-of-the-art lighting systems, partnered with Mesh Systems to exercise greater control over their traditionally managed lighting fixtures. WLS sought a highly scalable platform solution for their smart energy application that would automatically turn off lights in commercial parking lots during vacant, night hours. Mesh Systems engineered the high-scale, intelligent lighting solution, called netLiNK, that helps commercial REITS and auto dealerships automate parking lot lighting systems. Customers use web-based tools to make informed energy decisions with power consumption information at their fingertips. WLS now manages more than 120,000 light fixtures connected to the system and expects to continue expanding its customer base with the rapid adoption of LED fixtures by energy-conscious customers.

“Going forward, we want to be the biggest IoT company in the U.S., and we think with our component-based platform, expertise and partnerships with cloud leaders like Microsoft will help us realize this goal,” says Brune. “While IoT is leading the next industrial revolution, reshaping the way business is done, we think we are right in the middle of the transformation and excited to be part of it,” he concludes.

Mesh Systems

Carmel, IN

Doug Brune, Co-founder & COO

Delivers custom, turnkey IoT solutions that include hardware, software and networking frameworks