MessageGears: Innovating Marketing Landscape with Hybrid Solution

Dan Roy, CEO & Co-Founder
Enterprise marketers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and want complete control over their multichannel programs. These executives desire a disruptive solution that helps them utilize all of their internal data for marketing. Moreover, capturing consumer data is almost a necessity today. By using intelligent multi-channel programs, companies are using data to tailor marketing programs to communicate directly with their consumers. To help these marketers accomplish their goals, MessageGears developed the only hybrid solution in the enterprise email marketing landscape that provides companies tools for automation, segmentation and testing. They have combined both an on-premises component with cloud delivery and tracking, which allows brands to have direct access to their customer data without any disordered and complex integrations. “We build technology that enables marketers to create world-class multi-channel programs with simple integration capabilities so that companies have access to all of their internal data,” says Dan Roy, CEO and Co-Founder, MessageGears.

For today’s data-driven enterprise marketer, MessageGears’ exclusive architecture provides unmatched data integration, security, and economic benefits while offering true enterprise performance. The company’s modern APIs consistently deliver responses in less than 300 milliseconds. “Our hybrid model enables collaboration between Marketing and IT departments to provide a solution that does not require data replication and syncing, so customer data remains in-house and behind a company’s firewall,” points out Roy.

MessageGears’ cloud platform is built on Amazon AWS and is designed to quickly scale to support the additional load associated with large volume data changes. “Our solution is highly scalable due to the cloud-native architecture. Clients can potentially achieve unlimited message throughput due to our ability to provision dedicated cloud infrastructure to each client,” adds Roy.

From a technology standpoint, MessageGears’ leadership team understands the challenges and roadblocks that are typically in place for organizations and is working to mitigate the predicaments.
“We have developed solutions to meet the unique need of our customers by incorporating data from all customer touch points,” states Roy. The company’s unique offering allows its platform to plug into their customers’ needs and react quickly. “Our software is highly componentized, meaning we can deploy new features and enhancements without disrupting the entire system,” claims Roy.

The team at MessageGears understands the importance of working hand-in-hand with their customers, and with their technology, clients can utilize their internal data in a smart, and secure way. “Marketers latch onto our technology because of the flexibility, access, and control it offers,” explains Roy.

Take the case of RunKeeper, a GPS fitness-tracking app for iOS and Android (and data-driven client of MessageGears). They were able to create campaigns and access customer data faster and easier than before because MessageGears provided direct access to their data warehouse. Coding processes that required several hours of manpower were greatly reduced, and the need for RunKeeper’s Marketing team to pull in technical resources from IT was nearly eliminated. Through this, RunKeeper was able to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and send them timely and relevant messages while eliminating complex integrations and resource dependencies.

We build technology that enables marketers to create world-class multichannel programs with a simple integration

Moving ahead, MessageGears will focus more on creating new solutions by integrating, automating, and building new multichannel capabilities. “Some upcoming capabilities will allow brands to deploy a back-and-forth, conversational program with their consumers instead of being strictly outbound. So we’re building mobile push, voice, SMS, social media, and other messaging platforms,” concludes Roy.


Atlanta, GA

Dan Roy, CEO & Co-Founder

An enterprise email marketing solution with a unique hybrid architecture, providing companies with email, automation, testing, and segmenting tools