Metalogix: Providing Seamless SharePoint Migration

Trevor Hellebuyck, CEO
With the expanding volume of enterprise content and the evolving user demands, enterprises today have realized the need for efficient storage and document management systems. However, moving from the legacy systems to powerful platforms like SharePoint is not an easy process. Deploying SharePoint for the first time, or upgrading to the latest version of it requires careful planning and a flexible solution that supports all data migration scenarios. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Metalogix helps enterprises in migrating the data between SharePoint servers, upgrading to a later version of SharePoint, or reorganizing existing SharePoint content through Metalogix Product Suite, an easy and convenient way of getting data across the organization. “The most complex SharePoint migrations require a sophisticated solution to assure that all custom lists, forms and designs as well as complex workflows and multiple third party software integrations are all moved without interruption,” says Trevor Hellebuyck, CEO of Metalogix.

Using SharePoint, Metalogix makes storage, archiving, retrieval, searching, and reporting of electronic documents and records an easy process. Unlike any other system, SharePoint presents web pages to the end user as well as manages databases that retain the content—making it an ideal infrastructure for building customized business processes alongside rich informational intranets. Metalogix's suite of products offer a robust set of features that far exceed the capabilities of manual migration of data from legacy repositories including file shares. Starting from basic library, site and farm migrations to more complex scenarios like reorganization and metadata enrichment and transformation, Metalogix provides a full range of enterprise modules designed to reduce complexity and help meet the most aggressive project timelines. These modules include Replicator, a content synchronization tool that connects all local systems; Diagnostic Manager, a purpose-built SharePoint on-premise and online monitoring solution designed for SharePoint Administrators; StoragePoint, which optimizes SharePoint Storage with the Industry’s Leading Remote Blob Storage (RBS) Solution; SharePoint Backup, a comprehensive backup solution that restores of all of SharePoint environment; Content Matrix, a powerful SharePoint and Office 365 Migration Solution; and ControlPoint for Securing, Administering and Governing SharePoint.

The most complex SharePoint migrations require a sophisticated solution to assure that all custom lists, forms and designs as well as complex workflows and multiple third party software integrations are all moved without interruption

Metalogix’s triumph in a successful enterprise data migration can be elucidated from the case of Now Business Intelligence (NBI), a company that needed to transform a large Federal Systems Integrator’s multiple complex collaboration environments. To achieve greater manageability, consolidating the data dispersed across numerous and unrelated platforms into a Microsoft stack with SharePoint 2013 was necessary. Managing this process required an efficient and accurate tool, as well as one that enables better automation and workflow management. With more than a decade of content housed in eRoom, the data needed to be organized first and then cleansed. By adopting some of NBI’s input into the product, Metalogix initially migrated 4TBs of data. Metalogix capability allowed automation of the process and speeds up to 10 times. NBI has now created its own SharePoint migration practice, using Metalogix solutions at its core.

While SharePoint, as a technology, grows in importance to enterprises, Metalogix provides controls and repeatable processes that ensure orderly deployment, operation, and maintenance. In addition to SharePoint, Metalogix is also focusing on migrations for SharePoint Servers, Office 365, and Office 365 servers, deeming them as pioneers in providing solutions to manage content within enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises.

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Trevor Hellebuyck, CEO

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