Metrendalytics: Transformative Technology for Operational Management

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President
The advancements in information technology today has led pharma and life sciences industry to rethink what data powered by accurate analytics can do to streamline clinical trial execution. In the wake of mounting R&D costs, it is imperative to have a proper oversight of clinical trials, programs, or projects to further avoid any major delays, and ensure the achievement of required quality, expected timelines, and ROI.

“We see a growing body of technology on the market which target acquisition or submission data, however there are relatively few which address the operational management side of R&D,” says Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, president of Metrendalytics. There’s a clear need for technology solutions which will allow companies to make measurable improvements to their operations and provide transparency to the processes they support. Companies usually look to their assets to improve their business (such as people, instruments, products, etc). However, they often ignore levering one of the most valuable assets they have, which is their data.

Having spent decades across many diverse functions in R&D in the pharma and life sciences industry, Jan discerns that at the heart of every successful clinical trials process lies the optimal use of existing operational data. With all the modern technologies available today, Jan often wondered why a perfect tool simply doesn’t exist yet to provide deeper insight into the business, its products, services, processes, financials, and people. Jan laid the cornerstone of Metrendalytics with the mission to help pharma and life sciences companies transform to a data-driven and an analytic focused business.

“Leveraging our domain expertise in clinical and laboratory operations and extensive knowledge in R&D and combining it with current technologies, we help clients improve drug development and clinical trial outcomes,” says Jan. Nevertheless, the information regarding the status, progress, and quality of clinical studies is held in many different operational systems. Metrendalytics offers a robust informatics platform that enables organizations to access, aggregate, and integrate real-time data into a single repository for responding faster to R&D scientists’ needs. With real-time information in place, organizations can have greater control over their workflow by quickly accessing timely and reliable information about the conduct and status of their trials with ease and at reduced operational costs.

Through the right blend of skills combined with expertise in application development, automation, security, and compliance, we optimize cloud solutions that meet business requirements

Metrendalytics differentiates from its competitors by offering customized solutions to its clients, while using modern platforms. Metrendalytics’s clients benefit from the real-time visual analytics, business intelligence, dashboard and reporting capabilities at a fraction of the costs, which in turn allows them to actively manage operational performance, mitigate risk, and shape smarter business decisions. “Through the right blend of skills combined with expertise in application development, automation, security, and compliance, we optimize cloud solutions that meet business requirements,” says Jan.

Jan reveals an instance where Metrendalytics enabled the lab staff and management of a bioanalytical laboratory to seize new opportunities and mitigate risks with speed and flexibility, using its informatics platform. Leveraging Metrendalytics’ centralized tool to capture integrated information from disparate data sources in a standardized approach, the lab staff can perform analytics and derive meaningful metrics seamlessly to drive performance, improve business outcomes, alongside reducing risk. “Through visually rich analytics and dashboards, we help transition our client’s business from a process that is reactive to one that is more proactive,” states Jan.

Metrendalytics promises to take its rich legacy forward in a manner conducive to client partnership while focusing on building a solid foundation of data and analytics, which is going to be an integrated part of the business in the coming days. On the laboratory end, the firm is aiming to unleash a new automated GLP Bioanalytical Report solution for laboratory managers and study directors to manage and generate a final report with a single click of a button.


New Brunswick, NJ

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President

Provides cloud-based applications for the pharmaceutical industry to centralize, aggregate, and standardize data for performing real-time analytics