Metron Aviation: An Answer to the Optimization of Air Traffic

James Gaughan, CEO
The challenge of managing air traffic has become a daily tussle for the airspace users and as such organizations into aerospace require solutions to combat this alarming danger. Metron Aviation, headquartered in Dulles, VA, provides Air Traffic Management products and services for the global aviation industry.

The company’s core product, Metron Harmony, is a web-based, decision support solution that delivers real time reporting and analysis. It provides strategic, pre-tactical and tactical efficiency, post operations metrics and performance analysis of air traffic operations for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), aircraft operators and airport authorities.
With an expertise in deploying and supporting ATFM system, Metron Aviation has served many customers which include the FAA, NASA, ATNS, FedEx, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines.

The coming years will witness Metron Aviation working with Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, the AEROTHAI Thailand air navigation service provider, and the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia to study cost-effective methods for reducing fuel consumption. “We fully support APEC’s endeavors and are honored to work with all stakeholders to recommend and implement CDM procedures that enhance capacity and reduce emissions,” says James Gaughan, the CEO of Metron Aviation.

Metron Aviation

Dulles, VA

James Gaughan, CEO

Provides products and services for optimizing air traffic flow.