Metropolis Technologies: Powerful Telemanagement Solutions that Goes Beyond Call Tracking and Report

Even today, most business and customer conversations take place telephonically, meaning that the voice network holds key data that can be unlocked to reveal communication trends and boost revenues of organizations operating in multiple verticals. Metropolis Technologies has built its reputation on this opportunity. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the company’s call tracking and reporting software solutions help organizations gain insight into their voice network to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase revenue, and minimize liability. Functional on Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager platform, the systems bring flexibility and ease of use with fully customizable features. “Whether it is a single facility with 50 extensions or multiple locations with more than 70,000 extensions, our solutions are capable of helping Cisco customers to reveal what is really going on in their communication network,” s tates Sharon Harry, Marketing Director, Metropolis Technologies.

The scalability of the solutions permits Metropolis to gain traction in various industry verticals. OfficeWatch, their call reporting solution built for small and medium businesses, allows organizations to gain visibility into inbound, outbound, and internal calls to determine employee productivity and prevent unauthorized phone usage. Used across hospitals, educational institutions, call centers, financial institutions and more, the solution is complemented with features like an automatic report scheduler, 911 alert notifications and trunk analysis tools to help businesses reduce liability and expenses.

ProfitWatch, a solution built for the hospitality sector, provides advanced call accounting and telemanagement features as well. It provides casinos, hotels and cruise lines with customized rate tables and bill back options, toll fraud detection, productivity reports, and emergency alerts.

Metropolis’ flagship product, XT, is a fully functional telemanagement system that allows enterprises of all sizes to simplify the management of their communication network. With complete customization options on reporting, site-specific notifications and alerts, the solution provides deep visibility into all call activities within an organization. XT telemanagement is enhanced with scalable enterprise-grade capabilities that can be easily configured with the existing communication infrastructure, and is compliant with any Cisco phone system as well as over thirty others.

“Our solutions bring the functionalities businesses need in a reporting platform at a fraction of the cost of Contact Centre solutions,” says
CIO VendorSharon Harry, Marketing Director
Sharon. This, along with the company’s partnership with Cisco has enabled Metropolis to serve multitude of clients across healthcare, government, corporations, call centers, and many more.

In one instance, McCluskey Chevrolet, the largest General Motors car dealerships in Cincinnati, was facing challenges with their Cisco Call Manager system. The client wanted to upgrade to a hassle free reporting solution to gain more insights on the productivity of their sales and customer service departments. Metropolis provided them with the XT solution that enabled the client to effortlessly track and review the calls. “Better monitoring improved their visibility into the activities of the sales staff, earning the dealership about 300 percent ROI from the utilization of the XT solution,” says Sharon.

With a global presence for over thirty years in the communication sector, Metropolis has worked with more than 10,000 customers across the globe. “Our responsive sales and technical support team, which is available 24/7 throughout the year, adds value to our clients and partners,” says Sharon. I n t he long r un, the company plans to continue improving their existing solutions with innovative call reporting and contact center features as well as expanding the functionality of their newest solution, RED, a 911 Emergency and Mass Notification product.

Our call reporting and telemanagement solutions for Cisco help businesses reveal key communication trends to reduce costs and improve employee performance

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