MFourZero Improving Inventory Accuracy and Traceability across Warehouses

CIO VendorMadhawa Gunawardhene, CEO
Armed with the expertise gathered from nearly two decades of serving manufacturers, MFourZero spurts a battle hardened confidence and openness in business communication. “We encourage diverse opinions and a candor that permeates the social system, which enhances sincerity and communication,” quips Madhawa Gunawardhene, CEO, MFourZero. Steered by the aforementioned ideologies MFourZero manifests a domain expertise in supply chain, warehouse and transportation management, merchandizing and retail solutions, as well as mobile applications for small and large corporations.

MFourZero leverages Lean Six Sigma heritage to deliver concrete productivity improvements, helping clients make significant operational improvements. The company’s Enterprise Application Services comprises of a host of solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence and Data Services, Quality Assurance and Microsoft BI for Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS). The ERP solutions are designed to help users employ the most appropriate delivery model for their IT priorities. This expertise in ERP is also evident from the company’s silver level partnership with Oracle. MFourZero’s unique implementation methodology helps in identifying and eliminating potential gaps in solution design during the early stages of an implementation. The firm follows a four-step process, starting with an in-depth requirement analysis discovery, followed by a design phase where a Process Analysis Workshop is conducted. Next, the company develops and validates an end-to-end solution using pilot programs where, the ‘super users’ test the ‘to-be design’ before user acceptance and approval. The last stage comprises of the go-live process, which includes on-site and offshore support.

With enterprise mobility revolutionizing communication in the business world, MFourZero's Enterprise Mobility Practices allow clients to gain improved visibility and inventory accuracy for smooth execution of the supply chain using mobile applications, warehouse management systems, and mobile devices. MFourZero’s other practices include IFS and Business Intelligence, which accelerate business processes. The company’s IFS technical experts are equipped with years of experience in manufacturing with implementation and after sales support, helping customers achieve business goals.
The company has also expanded its wings to cater Microsoft BI support for customers in several sites across the globe.

Three broad markers of quality, price, and service are tipping points in customer satisfaction for MFourZero. When it comes to communication with customers, Madhawa stresses on the demarcation between ‘talking to’ and ‘talking with’ customers. According to him, while ‘talking to’ customers becomes suggestive of advertising, ‘talking with’ customers is the market research the company conducts. The company even follows these out-of-the box approaches for their pricing strategy. “Someone will always be able to provide an absorption cost lower than ours. To standout, we offer superior personalized service/product, free business consultations and take ownership of the customer's results,” states Madhawa. MFourZero’s offshore solutions center, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, helps not only keep costs down, but also facilitates customer satisfaction through 24/7 support services.

With an impressive clientele, that includes Keefe Supply Company, GE Oil and Gas, Courtesy Products, RICOH, Bull S.A., and POSCO Steel to their credit, MFourZero has several success stories. For a client, Ingersoll Rand, that faced challenges in their manufacturing and distribution plants in U.S. and Mexico, MFourZero helped improve inventory accuracy and traceability across their warehouses by enhancing warehouse user performance, efficiency and labor management.

Our unique implementation methodology helps identify and eliminate potential gaps in early stages of the solution design

In spite of overseas competition portended by globalization, business in the U.S. is experiencing a steady growth. There is no looking back for manufacturing companies and MFourZero plans on introducing complementary products and services to existing customers with a focus on technological productivity in the supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing and mobile device functions. “There will also be a shift from product-centricity to selling solutions that are more cost-effective,” concludes Madhawa.


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Madhawa Gunawardhene, CEO

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