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Michael Herrera, CEO
The ongoing pandemic has brought a significant uptick in the need for comprehensive Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Enterprises have recognized the necessity to prepare from a business continuity perspective and to take advantage of the compliance guidelines surrounding it. Arizona-based MHA Consulting Inc., a proven leader in business continuity and disaster recovery planning, offers BCM METRICSTM Compliance Confidence, a cloud-based compliance tool that provides self-assessments of a BCP program with FICO-like scores and a centralized repository for ongoing assessments. “It is like a credit score reflecting where a business continuity program stands along the compliance continuum,” states Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting.

Leveraging its over two decades of experience, MHA Consulting analyzes various factors before implementing any continuity engagement. The firm considers the culture of an organization and determines its approach while implementing its solution. “That is where our experience matters and depending on those aspects,we provide a tailored program that fits the client’s specific needs,” adds Herrera. While working with clients or subscribers, MHA Consulting delivers a high level of support to utilize its services and tools efficiently. In addition to comprehensive user guides and documentation videos, the company is always eager to assist clients and subscribers with any questions or issues that arise.

The compliance toolset is intuitive, easy to use, and leads users through an intuitive, well-defined approach. The Compliance Confidence tool measures alignment with industry standards (e.g., ISO22301, NFPA 1600, etc.) in the business continuity program, which sets the foundation for the program development and improvement. Based on the results, clients can determine their future actions and build roadmaps needed to align the program with the industry standards.

Our people know exactly what needs to be done to maximize business continuity program

MHA Consulting has built the Compliance Confidence tool based on current business continuity standards and best practices. It references eight standards, and users can perform a self-assessment acrossone or all the critical areas (e.g., Program Administration, Business Recovery, etc.) of their continuity program. “We monitor the standards and update our tool on a regular basis as they are revised,” adds Herrera. Recently, MHA Consulting collaborated with a large healthcare organization in Missouri. The client had fifteen hospitals and over a hundred clinics and a medical school, and they were trying to determine their business continuity posture from a risk perspective. MHA Consulting worked to understand every aspect of their business continuity program, spending time interviewing subject matter experts and reviewing evidentiary documentation while utilizing Compliance Confidence to measure the enterprise continuity program compliance level against industry standards.

MHA Consulting provided the client with a clear roadmap detailing the required resources,know-how and detailed steps to implement a comprehensive business continuity program over the next 24 to 36 months that addressed the needs of the enterprise.

“Our people know exactly what needs to be done to maximize a business continuity program,” asserts Herrera. MHA Consulting has already witnessed substantial growth domestically, and the company is expanding its footprint across the globe. The company is in a position to offer its services across all time zones, relying on a team of highly qualified individuals with experience in both domestic and international engagements.

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Michael Herrera, CEO

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