MHT: Microsoft Dynamics Suite to Power Innovative Business Solutions

Franco Coin, CEO
Operating in a global economy with continuing technology innovation presents significant challenges to businesses. It is vital to address the required changes needed in the business management scenario as well, to remove potential growth bottlenecks. Headquartered in Treviso, Italy, MHT believes in Microsoft Dynamics suite’s power to accelerate the globalization of companies.

Recognized by Microsoft as ERP Gold Competence Partner, MHT’s expertise leverages implementation of International Client Pack (ICP) system in new businesses. Franco Coin, CEO of MHT says, “We have a very wide expertise in a range of businesses where the ICP deployments have their own regulatory requirements and peculiar needs specific for industry segments such as Hi-tech, fashion, chemical and life sciences.” For the fashion industry, MHT offers ‘MODADY’, a comprehensive and flexible suite based on Microsoft Dynamics business solutions. While for the chemical industry, MHT’s ChemAX, a specific solution developed on Microsoft Dynamics AX helps the clients compete in a global market dominated by variability. “We have a dedicated Research and Development group devoted to join together Microsoft Dynamics technologies and business innovations to create new offerings,” adds Coin.

MHT implements Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, an ERP solution offering key functions for manufacturing and e-business processes with complete support for multiple languages and currencies. For the mid-market companies, MHT implements Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013, the powerful yet convenient ERP solution, customizable according to the specific business and sector needs. For clients who need to track data from the first contact to purchase and post-sales stage, MHT leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM2013 to provide a completely integrated system that is useful to enhance sales success. Exclusive to Microsoft Dynamics solutions, MHT offers three tools that support the operational maintenance and accelerate the growth of business value—AXsist, for customers who use Microsoft Dynamics AX, AXsist.NAV, for customers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AXsist.CRM, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers. MHT has established a dedicated team exclusively to support Microsoft Dynamics solutions with facilities and service personnel spread across different countries supporting customers in their native languages.
“We are focused 100 percent on Microsoft Dynamics,” states Coin.

The company caters to a wide customer base, which includes Dellas, Piaggio Aero Industries, THUN, Ancorotti Cosmetics, and Sielte. In a successful implementation, Sematic, which supplies elevator parts to some of the biggest elevator manufacturers in the world, set out to identify an ERP system that would help them harmonize their operations across Europe, China, India, and North America into a unified business. Sematic chose MHT to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to meet an aggressive timeline. Having deployed in three countries already, Sematic has reaped the benefits of having a common repository of customer and supplier data between their headquarters and the manufacturing plants thereby streamlining procurement and enhancing the planning and sales processes.

On the success drivers of his company, Coin lists out two factors, firstly having young talented employees to bring in the innovation and ideas to foster the company’s growth. Secondly, training and enabling the knowledge transfer. “If you have a tool and have the knowledge to use it, but do not transfer the know-how effectively, then you won’t achieve the desired results,” says Coin.

MHT’s growth plans are two pronged, “We want to focus on the small and medium businesses and we plan to extend our service offerings for the public sector as well. On the geographical expansions front, we have opened offices in Serbia and our country’s strategic location acts as a focal point for our expansions into Russia, U.S., Africa and Middle East,” concludes Coin.

We have a dedicated Research and Development group devoted to join together Microsoft Dynamics technologies and business innovations to create new offerings


Lancenigo di Villorba, Treviso, Italy

Franco Coin, CEO

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