MI9 Retail: Empowering Organizations With Business Intelligence

Mike Burge, Founder & CEo
The force to reckon within the world of business intelligence is MI9, a software development company specializing in Business Intelligence-centric solutions. With its BI, merchandizing and point of sale systems, the company is committed to providing retailers with solutions to manage, architecture, services, and customer information centrally.

Mike Burge, the Chairman and CEO of MI9, founded the company in 2001 along with a group of colleagues, and named the company MI9 since its team included 9 people. MI9’s main objective is to help retailers solve their business problems. To that end the company developed the MI9 Intelligent Retail System. The solution suite provides in-depth analysis and reporting in macrocosm or microcosm at every level of the business and is designed to provide retailers with intelligence to effectively manage their multi-channel businesses, implement new strategies, and combat competition. “The faster the merchandising, operations, finance, store, and marketing staff implement the system, the sooner the business will realize exceptional competitive advantages,” claims Mike.

One of the great differentiators between MI9 and its competitors is the fact that MI9 offers a fully integrated product developed entirely in-house.
All the corporate systems have been developed using the same technology, and every one of its customers, no matter what release they’re running on, has a clear upgrade path. “All of our customers get the benefit of every dollar spent on development whether that money is a result of an investment made by MI9 or by another customer’s module enhancements,” which, Mike believes, is unique to MI9. “We measure ourselves not only by the quality of our products but also by the speed and ease with which customers are able to deploy them,” Mike continues.

MI9’s product is multilingual, multicultural, multi tax regime and multi currency. Barneys New York was running was an old fashion system that had real issues in terms of performance and flexibility which prompted the company to find a new solution. The competition to replace old software included everybody that one would regard as the world leaders in retail software. “Every single one of those companies was many times bigger than MI9. (At that time when MI9 won the Barneys business, employed fewer than 50 people). The quality of our solution and our technical expertise won us the business. We did not win the business on price, we won the business on functionality and quality,” says Mike.

Going forward, MI9 is on its way to being the best retail management system in North America. It has innovative solutions that are modern in architecture, which will make the company number one within the next five years.


Pleasanton, CA

Mike Burge, Founder & CEo

With BI systems, merchandizing systems, point of sale systems to mobile solutions, Mi9 is committed to provide retailers solutions for products, architecture, services, and people.

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