Microland: Holistic DevOps Services for All IT Environments

Jan Huizeling, CTO
In today’s competitive business world, most organizations prefer to have an agile IT that propels them to capitalize on market opportunities. DevOps has emerged as the silver bullet that companies can leverage to improve the time efficiency in software delivery. Unlike traditional application development paradigms, DevOps fosters greater collaboration between development and operations teams to reduce the risks involved in software delivery lifecycle, while making the entire process—30 times faster. Though many companies intend to employ DevOps on their cloud, a sizeable number of businesses plan to implement it in their existing on-premise or monolithic IT infrastructure. In this growing trend of hybrid IT implementations, Microland is bringing its comprehensive portfolio of DevOps services helping clients to achieve competitive advantage by developing and deploying software, with maximum efficiency and minimal interruptions.

“We work extensively with organizations that want to go down the path of digital innovation through cloud and automation, as well as those that prefer to hold on to their on-premise systems and traditional development methodology,” explains Jan Huizeling, CTO at Microland.

To this end, the company’s DevOps services are delivered in three key stages catering to the unique requirements of the clients, regardless of their underlying IT infrastructure. In the initial ‘Discover’ phase, Microland engages with clients to establish elemental blocks that would define their DevOps environment. This is followed by the ‘Transform’ stage, where the company works in collaboration with the customer to mold traditional communication workflows, culture orientations, toolchains, and the quintessential DevOps roadmap of the organization.

Finally, the ‘Operate’ phase helps in the efficient management of clients’ DevOps environment. The holistic purview of DevOps management involves services such as source code management, build, release, deployment management, cloud orchestration, configuration management, automated testing, and monitoring.

Microland, with its universal DevOps orchestrator engine, smartDevOps, integrates and automates popular DevOps tool chains that work across multiple layers to automate workflow and configuration. Besides, “smartDevOps can be utilized to control and coordinate the entire DevOps lifecycle, and can be integrated with a wide variety of third party and open source tools,” says Huizeling.

smartDevOps can be utilized to control and coordinate the entire DevOps lifecycle, and can be integrated with a wide variety of third party and open source tools

smartDevOps’ abstraction layer, set above the engine and its clockwork, provides an easy intersection for tool collaboration, where Microland suggests tools to select while it allows clients to use their in-house tools for DevOps implementation.

These capabilities proved fruitful for a large U.S. bank that had grown through acquisitions, and consequently, had an aggregation of disparate systems at their hands. A rather exhaustive result of this was the lengthy and tedious release lifecycle that the organization had to go through. Working with the client to standardize their toolset using smartDevOps, Microland optimized their payments module, and automated a significant portion of it despite the bank using on-premise systems. With this power of automation, and compression of their release lifecycle, the bank was able to achieve a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery DevOps model, going from monthly releases to week-based cycles.

Further, the process and role-oriented nature of smartDevOps assists in assigning roles to each element in the DevOps chain. As a result, personnel in the chain can approach the DevOps lifecycle from their unique specialization standpoints. Besides a decrease in development and operations costs, Microland’s smartDevOps helps clients with:

• Shorter Development Cycles
• Faster Release Velocities
• Increased Defect Detections
• Reduced Deployment Failures

Microland has a strong 25-year-old partnership with Microsoft. “We have an impressive track record in multiple industries in the U.S, U.K, India, and now Australia,” states Huizeling. “We see IT transformation across all the industries, and are excited about helping them to smoothen their DevOps journey with our innovative services approach.”


Bengaluru, India

Jan Huizeling, CTO

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