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David Wit, CEO In today’s highly volatile business environment, law firms are having increasing difficulty acquiring and retaining talent. Furthermore, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted major work trends, with growing remote working networks and hybrid teams spawning the use of virtual modules for employee evaluation, recruitment, onboarding, work allocation, and training. With these shifts in law firm talent management, it is imperative that law firms need to re-strategize their workforce and employee planning. That said, law firms are turning to technology to gain competitive advantages for a more responsive, well-trained, diverse, and collaborative environment to meet the changing needs of their workforces and clients.

Micron Systems has pioneered the development of an innovative cloud-based talent management suite of products tailored to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of the legal industry. Micron Systems’ products offer intuitive, feature-rich, and cost-effective talent management solutions that dramatically improve the efficiency, ease, detail and precision of applicant tracking and recruiting efforts, CLE compliance tracking, learning management, performance evaluations, resource management, and work allocatioṇ The Company aims to help law firms recruit, hire, and retain the best talent and create a path of continuous learning and improvement that aligns with its business objectives. Over the years, Micron Systems has continually built products and evolved its core competencies to accelerate processes and provide greater value for law firms. “We have spent years building talent management software that meets the specific needs of law firms,” explains David Wit, CEO of Micron Systems.

Talent Management Solutions Specifically Designed for Law Firms

Trusted by hundreds of law firms, including 25 of the Top 30 firms in The Global 200, as ranked by ALM, publisher of the National Law Journal, Micron Systems is committed to providing firm-wide solutions that streamline recruiting, continuing education, performance reviews, and work allocation for administrators, attorneys, professionals, and staff. Starting with the recruitment process, Micron Systems’ LawCruit Solution is a sophisticated applicant tracking system designed to streamline a firm’s entire candidate-to-hire process. LawCruit provides a customizable dashboard that enables recruiting managers to track and monitor interview expenses, post job ads on websites, schedule remote or in-person interviews, automate emails, and forward applicant details based on their status and interview results. Furthermore, LawCruit enables recruiting managers to automatically extract data from a resume into a firm’s HR management system.

This enables users to create, complete and track evaluations to streamline decision-making and communication with applicants on the fly.

Once a prospective applicant is hired by a law firm, Micron Systems’ premiere CLE Tracking Learning Management System (LMS) – CE Manager – helps train these new employees. Renowned for the detail and precision of its CLE compliance tracking engine, CE Manager accurately calculates and tracks the CLE compliance of all of a firm’s attorneys, in all relevant jurisdictions. In addition, CE Manager’s LMS enables attorneys to view E-Learning programs on demand and automatically receive CLE credit upon completion. Another unique feature of Micron Systems’ CE Manager is its full flexibility in terms of customization of learning paths for attorneys and staff. In addition, its comprehensive real-time reporting capabilities automatically generate year-end compliance reports, course evaluation requests, and course certificates.

We have Spent Years Building Cloud-Based And Client-Centric Talent Management Software That Meets The Specific Needs of Law Firms,” Explains David Wit, CEO of Micron Systems

Top Performance is performance evaluation software designed specifically for attorney and staff reviews at law firms. Using a host of scoring features, Top Performance enables firms to create custom evaluations based on roles, departments, client matters, and more, which helps them identify the strengths and weaknesses of professionals and staff within core competencies. Top Performance provides users with an informative dashboard that displays an individual’s efforts, including CLE Reports, Learning Tracks, and Course History linked directly from CE Manager. Accessible via all mobile devices, Top Performance effectively

automated email notifications. Equipped with insights, coaches, mentors, and managers can create and monitor development plans to deliver proper guidance. Moreover, Top Performance allows firms to gather meaningful employee feedback through its Survey Module. Users can manage their firm’s performance process cycles, survey employees on key areas of interest, and report on the results – all in one application.

Lastly, efficient resource management, work management and project planning is a core issue at law firms, and remote work environments have resulted in many struggling to establish a functional work allocation system. Micron Systems’ offering – GlobalWork, a resource and work management product – ensures that law firms streamline their workflow based upon a lawyer’s available time.
With a specific focus on a firm’s DEI initiatives, GlobalWork acts as an intermediary to facilitate decision-making that impacts broader professional development and firm revenue by helping assign the right attorneys using crucial insights.

Combining Unparalleled Functionality with World-Class Customer Service

The war for talent carries significant implications for firms’ employee turnover and complicates plans for growth and expansion in the future. This holds especially true for law firms, as the experience and judgment of legal professionals make them invaluable resources for adequately handling client matters. Predicting an enormous opportunity for growth, David Wit acquired full control of Micron Systems in September 2016. David, the Company’s CEO, intensified Micron Systems’ focus on addressing the talent management needs of the legal industry.

David started along an entrepreneurial path at a young age. While still in college, he founded Logicat Inc., a leading developer of innovative educational software products, including the first product that enabled high school students to apply to colleges electronically, the first LSAT preparation software product ever developed, and best-selling CPA exam preparation software.

The End Goal is to Become a One-Stop Shop that Provides World-Class Talent Management Software for Law Firms By Closely Listening to our Customers and Developing Products that Fulfill their Needs,” Concludes David

Equipped with David’s revolutionary vision, and supported by funding from well-known, silent investors, Micron Systems has spent millions of dollars developing new cloud-based, client-centric talent management software specifically designed for law firms. Furthermore, the Company continues to provide world-class customer support, training, client check-ins, and webinars to respond to each client inquiry for no additional charge.

Today, Micron Systems is a leading provider of talent management solutions for the legal industry. Whether integrated or stand-alone, its advanced suite of cloud-based solutions offers its clients the best-in-class features for very competitive prices. Moving forward, the Company aims to expand and enhance its current product portfolio by continually investing vast resources into its software development team for the future. “The end goal is to become a one-stop shop that provides world-class talent management software for law firms by closely listening to our customers and developing products that fulfill their needs,” concludes David.

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David Wit, CEO

Micron Systems’ cloud-based suite of talent management software is a firm-wide solution for administrators, attorneys, professionals, and staff. The Company’s software combines unparalleled functionality with world-class support and is trusted by hundreds of the largest and most prestigious firms from the NLJ 500, the Global 200, and the Am Law 200.

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