MicroStack: A Seasoned Guide to DevOps Success

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Roshan Daneshvaran, Founder and President If bridge-building were like programming, halfway through, we'd find out that the far bank was now fifty meters farther out, that it was actually mud rather than granite, and that rather than building a footbridge, we were instead building a road bridge."—Sam Newman, author of Building Microservices.

As IT environments evolve, traditional architecture involving monolithic applications is quickly proving that their drawbacks outweigh the benefits. These applications are the reason most organizations are turning to microservices when architecting solutions. To adhere to the requisites of microservices architecture, the container management platform—Kubernetes—has become the go-to solution for efficient software deployment and scaling. However, many companies find such transformations challenging (the complexity of Kubernetes exacerbates the issue, too); additionally, for many others, it's unclear where and how security fits into the spectrum of DevOps transformation.

Focused on Kubernetes enablement and consulting, container security, cloud compliance, and end-to-end automation, MicroStack—a consulting firm with in-depth experience in app modernization, infrastructure automation, and cloud security—thoroughly assesses an organization’s infrastructures and application strategies to re-architect in a modern cloud-native fashion.

"Our approach is to guide our clients throughout the DevOps transformation journey, bridge the gaps in their understanding of cloud systems & infrastructures, andaccelerate their time to market," says Roshan Daneshvaran, Founder and President of MicroStack.

The MicroStack team's expertise in DevOps proves invaluable to CIOs and industry leaders when encountering roadblocks in their digital transformation journey. They do not need to relearn their hard-earned skillsets and risk losing out to fast-paced competitors. Instead, they can rely on the proficiency of MicroStack to modernize their applications and infrastructure while ensuring security and compliance for all services. The company strives to provide strategic advisory, technical consultation and staffing services to guide clients' cloud transformation, DevOps practices and uplift cybersecurity postures.

A Tried and Proven Strategic Approach

Since 2019, MicroStack has guided organizations across various industries in analyzing the gaps in their roadmap strategies and DevOps implementations. Although 'containers' and 'Kubernetes' are the buzzwords in almost every arena, it is no secret that security for containers and microservices is not well-understood or, if it is, the implementation is far from ideal. To assist organizations in this endeavor, MicroStack engages in three-month collaboration with C-suite executives to gauge the issues they face.
MicroStack's collective experience—spanning five decades— in various domains allows them to identify security blindspots that clients often overlook.

"Keeping security at the heart of what our team does, we help the client understand what problems they have and, more importantly, which need to be solved on priority," says Daneshvaran. MicroStack helps firms break down their monolithic applications into microservices while simultaneously embedding cybersecurity and compliance into the infrastructure.

MicroStack assesses the client's current posture in DevOps and engineering practices and prepares documentation to highlight the gaps in their infrastructure or application modernization roadmaps. Using automated tooling, questionnaires, and interactions with engineers, MicroStack creates a comprehensive overview that helps the client mature their DevOps posture. This process addresses pain points and helps the client prepare for future disruptions, and provides innovative solutions suited to their specific requirements.

The MicroStack team mitigates clients' issues with the ideology that DevOps is at the core of security, reliability, and efficiency. While traditional security measures involve monitoring existing infrastructures and reacting to anomalies, DevOps—using the CI/CD pipeline during build and deployment—can help clients quickly shift their security to the left before deploying an application. Microstack provides boiler-plate infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code solutions to accelerate the automation and shift-left approach to the infrastructure and application security.

"By working with various industries, attending conferences around the globe, and developing our in-house tools, we stay at the cutting edge of technology to demystify the DevOps and Cloud Security for our clients"

“Tell me, I forget; show me, I remember; involve me, I understand.”

If a firm does not have a highlyskilled team, MicroStack provides staff augmentation and managed services to help the client maintain their new infrastructure. These teams comprise top talent recruited worldwide and have remained engaged with the clients for more than two years. Consultants are regularly evaluated with assessment exams to ensure that only top performers are introduced to the clients. Through knowledge transfer, active engagement, and a coachingstyle approach, customers ramp quickly and get the most out of MicroStack to effectively solve infrastructure operations and security challenges.

Bridge Compliance Gaps in Cloud, Kubernetes, and DevOps

While MicroStack does not cater to a specific industry, most of its clients hail from industries where they face a two-layered challenge: several complex regulations to work around and the lack of a technically skilled workforce to ensure that their operations comply with said complianer frameworks. For example, when clients from the financial and healthcare industries attempt to migrate into the cloud, traditional security models do not suffice when complying with regulations such as FedRAMP, PCI, and HIPAA. MicroStack's cloud security experts help modernize clients' approaches to securing the cloud-native workload. With zero-trust security models and reliance on identification, authentication, and encryption throughout network boundaries, MicroStack brings a new -and much needed- layer of protection to cloud-native solutions.
Since modern applications split into microservice, usually deployed in containers on the Kubernetes platform, adhering to guidelines and maintaining file integrity in a dynamic mesh network can be challenging. MicroStack is armed with experts who have been designing and securing cloud environments for years and are adept at managing Kubernetes. Having made it a priority in its services portfolio, MicroStack offers industry best practices for all Kubernetes CI/CD lifecycle and security aspects.

Keeping security at the heart of what our team does, we help the client understand what problems they have and, more importantly, which of them need to be solved on priority

MicroStack develops a phase-by-phase container security strategy and roadmap, including a plan of action to seal vulnerabilities in security and compliance. This enhances the container security's maturity throughout its lifecycle. MicroStack also assesses the client's current security posture over the entire SDLC lifecycle to guarantee container security across container image hygiene and container registry, through to CI/CD scanning and container runtime security.

Providing services that alleviate the burden of software deployment, MicroStack strives to make its client interactions as holistic and productive as possible. One of MicroStack's projects with a unicorn startup in the healthcare space highlights the company's quick but effective strategic advisory process. Beginning the engagement by analyzing their current DevOps posture and business compliance needs, MicroStack developed a roadmap for the client and provided top architects to restructure their existing practices to devise a mature DevOps program. MicroStack also offered training to existing employees to maintain and manage modern DevOps pipelines and the Kubernetes platform. Ultimately, as a contractor, the company placed permanent high-performing staff within the client's organization to ensure they would always be ahead of the curve.

"Our templatized approaches to engaging with clients are based on several years of experience from our principals and architects. By working with various industries, and leveraging our in-house tools, we eliminate any ambiguity in our services," says Daneshvaran.

In addition to being customer-centric, the MicroStack team is active in the DevOps and cybersecurity communities. Using open-source tools, MicroStack helps DevOps leaders glean the most potential from resources available within the community and helps partners effectively change their IT frameworks to meet their shifting needs. For an organization to be successful in its software development and deployment ventures, architects need to shift their mindsets from creating the perfect end product to creating a framework in which the suitable systems can emerge and continue to grow as they learn —a goal that MicroStack's services aid enterprises to achieve.


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Roshan Daneshvaran, Founder and President

Through training, knowledge transfer, and a coaching-style consulting approach, customers ramp quickly and get the most out of MicroStack to effectively solve infrastructure operations and security challenges