MicroStrategy: Pioneer in the BI and Analytics space

Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael J. Saylor is an American entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist. Having spent his teenage days at the birthplace of aviation and homeland of the Wright Brothers, Saylor graduated with top honors at MIT. During his college days, Saylor developed a profound interest in the application of computer simulation technology in public policies and business strategies. To translate his enthusiasm for technology, business, and use of computer simulations, he launched MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) in 1987. Formed with a vision of helping enterprises in delivering intelligence everywhere, the company evolved steadily and went public in 1998. In the period, the firm pioneered a new approach to business intelligence called relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) and emerged as a global leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software space.

Today, the firm provides robust software solutions and expert services for enterprise analytics, mobility, cloud, embedded analytics, and IoT to aid enterprises in getting the full potential of their people and investments. With MicroStrategy’s analytics and mobility platform, enterprises can improve their ROI by deploying high-performance business applications. Developed with an open framework that can underpin multiple platforms and devices, the MicroStrategy platform helps organizations in achieving enterprise-grade security, high performance, scalability, and data governance. For this, the firm consolidates enterprise-grade performance, scalability, and security with viable interfaces and workflows to render a comprehensive platform that can analyze all of the enterprise data.

Embedded Analytics

With MicroStrategy embedded analytics, enterprises get highly customizable and powerful web and reporting applications that match the specific needs of their businesses. Through having MicroStrategy in their armory, enterprises can seamlessly integrate complex analytical functionality in their existing applications, custom product offerings, and can further augment the capabilities of MicroStrategy with their third-party vendors. The firm also provides single sign-on capabilities to ease the deployment of web and mobile applications. Further, enterprises can build custom visualizations, connectors, and apps with a robust set of APIs provided by MicroStrategy. These APIs enable companies to produce custom product offerings, branded mobile apps to their partners and clients, and subsequently add more value to them. Further, they can seamlessly embed sophisticated analytics into portals or white-level web and mobile applications salesforce.com, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP Netweaver, and more.

A Robust Analytical Engine

Often, to improve workflow efficiency, enterprises intend to deliver personalized reports to thousands of users and further empower them with self-service analytics.

With MicroStrategy embedded analytics, enterprises get highly customizable and powerful web and reporting applications that match the specific needs of their businesses

With MicroStrategy’s robust analytical engine, enterprises can give access to analytics across disparate teams and business functions. Starting from data discovery, to pixel-perfect reporting, automated distribution, personalized dashboards, machine learning applications, big data, mobile, and cloud BI, MicroStrategy is the one-stop platform that covers the needs of enterprises looking for digital transformation. The platform comes with intuitive tools building, deploying, and navigating powerful analytic apps and makes every employee act like an analyst. The platform enables users to deliver apps for individuals, departments, and organizations as a whole.

Additionally, the firm has a suite of market-proven visualization tools that gives enterprises the opportunity to leverage custom and third party charts. For instance, MicroStrategy’s Geospatial Services provides the tools that can augment the location intelligence of users. With Mapbox, the firm offers robust mapping capabilities and enables users to create dynamic, vector-based maps, and subsequently interactive user experiences for web and mobile apps.

Be Future Ready

To help enterprises in predicting the future of their data, the firm provides an enterprise-caliber BI platform that enables organizations to make better decisions during data mining and predictive analysis. With advanced and native analytical capabilities, enterprises can create a real-time forecast and feasibly incorporate third-party data mining and modeling tools. For helping its clients in comprehending the relationships between data and creating business metrics, the firm provides an extensive library of over 300 OLAP, mathematical, financial, and data mining functions. For instance, the firm enables its clients to integrate with R—an open-sourced, 3rd-party statistical software in a seamless and scalable manner. The most noteworthy thing about this integration is that in minimal time, enterprises can incorporate R into MicroStrategy’s reports, dashboards, or visualization. Further, MicroStrategy also has the acumen to convert PMML outputs into an algorithm to simplify the usability of data mining tools in BI applications.

A Comprehensive Platform for Intelligent Enterprise

While deploying analytical tools, developers, architects, and administrators often face problems such as creating object-oriented infrastructure, building BI applications, and overseeing and managing the comprehensive lifecycle management.
To this end, MicroStrategy provides a powerful platform to aid the decentralized teams across the enterprise. With the one-stop-shop platform architecture, enterprises can feasibly deploy governed analytics applications to preserve data integrity and accuracy. With the platform, MicroStrategy enables organizations to deliver personalized analytics to thousands of users with assistance from a small team. Starting from development to testing and production, MicroStrategy helps administrators in successfully managing and automating the entire BI lifecycle. Companies can easily migrate their applications, validate data quality, and oversee usage in real time.

Over the years, organizations across various industries have joined hands with MicroStrategy for deploying best-in-market intelligence tools. In the period, MicroStrategy has developed state-of-the-art analytics, mobile, and security offerings to aid its clients in reaching their business goals.

In one instance, the Adidas Group, a leading producer of sportswear including shoes, clothing, and accessories were keen to use analytics to unlock the hidden value in its tremendous amount of customer data. For this, Adidas was looking to associate with a technology partner who could deliver both enterprise reporting and self-service analytics in a single platform. Through deploying the MicroStrategy platform, Adidas group was able to analyze data and comprehend the buying patterns and behavior of their customers. In another instance, students from American University used MicroStrategy as a learning tool to explore data analytics and understand the complex issues and opportunities with enterprise-grade applications. The university deployed MicroStrategy because of its feasibility in usage and intuitive structure. To diversify the availability of its products, the firm has established partnerships with several other peers of the market including Accenture, 3M Health Information Systems, and 3SSOFT.

"With MicroStrategy’s robust analytical engine, enterprises can get comprehensive give access to analytics across every team and business function"

Owing to the continuous exemplary work, MicroStrategy was honored as the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Winner at NetworkWorld Asia 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards that was held at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. “We’re honored to be chosen the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence winner,” says Eric Sin, Vice President, Sales APAC, and MicroStrategy Singapore. “This vote of confidence from CIOs, CISOs, IT managers, and the rest of the C-suite across the region shows that MicroStrategy is a catalyst for organizations undertaking a digital transformation and advancing toward an Intelligent Enterprise™. Being part of their transformation is what motivates us every day, and we’re thrilled to work with so many wonderful clients in this region and around the world.”


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Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of the Board and CEO and Eric Sin, President, Sales APAC

Provides a comprehensive analytical platform to help its clients meet their business needs