Microwave Networks: Deployment of Mission Critical, Cyber Protected Microwave Communications Solutions

Aviad Gefen, President & CEO
With mega cyber breaches and cybercriminal activities, cyber security has surfaced as one of the most important aspects in the wireless landscape today. Additionally in wireless technologies, microwave network products, solutions, and services are evolving to Ethernet IP networks. “The growing cyber threats on critical assets along with the transition from legacy networks to Ethernet IP and the implementation of new technologies and innovative applications, such as Smart Grids and video analytics, bring about several challenges,” says Aviad Gefen, President and CEO, Microwave Networks Inc. “When it comes to mission critical microwave networks, multilayered and customized cyber security solutions are an absolute necessity and top priority,” adds Gefen.

With over four decades of experience in the wireless industry, Microwave Networks is a company that innovates, designs, manufactures, installs and services Hybrid point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks, and cyber security solutions for public safety, government, utilities, and other private communication networks supporting critical assets. “When considering cyber security, availability of the network is one part of a three part equation. The other two parts are confidentiality and integrity of the traffic flowing on these sensitive networks,” remarks Gefen. Microwave Networks provides customized Microwave solutions in the 900 MHz to 80 GHz bands with up to 1 Gbps bandwidth in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.

Microwave Networks connects a variety of private and public networks, such as first responder Land Mobile Radio systems (LMR), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition networks (SCADA), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), video surveillance, and Smart Grid. “Our primary focus is mission critical network designs to achieve the three pillars of the Cyber Protected Networks: high availability, confidentiality and integrity,” says Gefen. “Our Cyber Protected Microwave solutions coupled with customized design is unparalleled in the industry and supports our goal to meet the unique and rapidly changing needs of each customer,” states Gefen.

Throughout the years, Microwave Networks has deployed hundreds of mission critical microwave networks for governments, public safety agencies, and utilities around the globe including police, fire and various emergency services.
Recently in the North East U.S., a major county selected Microwave Networks’ Proteus MX hybrid microwave solution. The county decided it needed to upgrade its countywide network to support legacy TDM traffic while modernizing to support Ethernet IP traffic. Furthermore, they needed to share its protected network with city public safety agencies that have their own independent LMR systems, all of which require high network reliability and availability. After reviewing alternative technologies and proposals, the county selected Microwave Networks’ design. It provides mission critical reliability, availability, and includes Hybrid TDM and Ethernet support. The MX Proteus Hybrid capabilities and Microwave Networks’ unique Self Healing Alternate Ring Protection (SHARP) enabled loop switching that protects each DS1 node individually, allowing individual DS1s from any site to be protected independently of all other DS1s and Ethernet traffic. “Using the built-in Proteus MX Rapid Ring Protection (RRP) for Ethernet and SHARP ring features for DS1, this network eliminated the external hardware which would otherwise be needed for a ring protected network, reducing cost and improving reliability and availability,” explains Gefen.

We customize our networks to meet the unique needs of our customers to support protecting their critical assets from the growing cyber threats

Looking to the future, Gefen sees tremendous growth opportunities due to the growing cyber threats on critical assets coupled with the evolution of new innovative applications such as the Smart Grid and video analytics. “We are working hard to provide our customers with the solutions that will support their requirements, and by providing innovative secured products and customized solutions and services,” concludes Gefen.

Microwave Networks

Stafford, TX

Aviad Gefen, President & CEO

Designs, manufactures, installs and services point-to-point and point to multi point microwave solutions for public safety, government, utilities, and mission critical communication networks