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Chris Miles, CEO
With ever changing scenarios in the technology landscape, organizations worldwide are experimenting with various applications for enhancing their business productivity, including moving from locally installed applications like Microsoft Office Suite to completely browser-based software like Google Apps for Work. Similar in their capabilities, professionals in enterprises are traditionally accustomed to the functionalities of Microsoft tools, yet are still en route to harness the storage, communication, and productivity benefits of Google Apps.

For non-tech savvy users, this change can be a lot to handle, especially if it introduces delays into their day-to-day operations. “When migrating from one application to another, it is necessary to understand how a business is setup, as well as its current challenges and goals,” says Chris Miles, CEO, Miles Technologies. “Google Apps for Work is an incredible business tool, possessing efficient solutions in one suite.”

Founded in 1997, Miles Technologies specializes in helping businesses experience continued growth and profitability through the use of ground-breaking technology solutions. Addressing challenges across IT, software, and digital marketing, Miles Technologies encourages businesses to evaluate and use Google products when those products meet their needs. “Google Apps for Work aims to provide tools allowing workforces to work from anywhere, collaborate easily, and stay secure. Our customers’ needs, as well as our vision of the future of technology, dictate how we organize our products and services,” adds Miles. “We start with consultation to uncover the true needs of an organization. The right solution could be a customized technology solution or it could be a product like Google Apps. Our recommendations are based on what we feel will help our customers reach their goals.”

Miles Technologies uses Google technology every day to help their customers accomplish more. From using Chromebooks, Chromesticks, and Chromecasts to Google Apps to Google Analytics, Miles Technologies helps their clients positively transform their daily business practices with tools that are readily available for direct use.

When migrating from one application to another, it is necessary to understand how a business is setup, as well as its current challenges and goals

Upon identifying the needs and the befitting solution, Miles Technologies’ certified team seamlessly implements the solution and limits the impact the change may have on their business. For instance, a financial services firm had a goal to hire the best advisors, regardless of where the advisors were physically located. The customer had challenges in collaborating with a team that was dispersed across the country. The customer tried many solutions, including remote desktop services and file synchronization applications, with no success. They approached Miles Technologies and after a full evaluation, implemented Google Apps. Google Apps allows the customer to share documents and spreadsheets, and stay productive with offline files when access to internet service is limited. Today, the customer is able to actively employ new advisors and expand to new areas without having to worry about upgrading their existing IT architecture.

In addition to Google Apps, Miles Technologies uses many other Google products, including AngularJS as their de-facto framework platform for developing modern front-end web applications, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for measuring performance and improving the user experience of web applications and websites, and Google Adwords for pay-per-click advertising across Google’s search product and their network of websites.

Miles Technologies is focusing on geographical expansion and broadening their expertise in all major industries they serve. “Our objective is to offer incredibly responsive service and make sure we’re always adding value. We don’t implement cookie cutter approaches, we rely on our expertise to identify and implement the right solutions,” concludes Miles.

Miles Technologies

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Chris Miles, CEO

Providing Google Apps for Work which allows a business’ workforce to work from anywhere, collaborate easily, and stay secure

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