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Linda Fanaras, President & Strategist
There are endless choices in digital advertising including Google AdWords, remarketing and video advertising. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and keyword strategies are a moving target. Combined, it makes it difficult for companies to select the right combination of digital media to achieve successful conversion and click-through-rates. Additionally, they lack the in-house digital expertise to leverage budgets for greater returns and ensure successful bidding strategies that increase market share.

“Multi-device and mobile optimization has become a challenge for companies across industries, and with every new release of a tablet or smartphone, mobile optimization becomes more difficult,” states Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist, Millennium Integrated Marketing. “More importantly, content management strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) are essential for clients who rely on Google search for most of their revenue stream.”

Working with a digital agency that has expertise in responsive web development and digital advertising—who can optimize your site across all the latest platforms—is crucial to generating a solid digital ROI. This is where Millennium Integrated Marketing steps in as a strategic digital, creative and PR agency focused on optimizing the customer experience. Millennium is a data-driven digital agency that understands the complexities of the lead life cycle to help businesses craft the right message, select the right platforms, and set marketing goals that can be tracked and managed for digital campaign success and business growth.

Millennium is a Certified Google AdWords Partner, which requires stringent staff certification in Google AdWords proficiency, as well as a successful review of the firm’s client retention rate and ability to maximize client budgets. Millennium’s digital advertising services include: website development, pay-per-click, online display, re-targeting, organic and paid search, social media and video. “Based on the clients’ business objectives, budgets, and marketing goals, we customize digital marketing and search strategies,” says Ms. Fanaras. “We offer our clients the comprehensive scope of managed AdWords services, including research and analysis of exclusive data directly from Google, ongoing reporting and campaign improvements, and a dedicated Google-certified Millennium account representative.”

Millennium Integrated Marketing offers our clients the full scope of managed Google and Bing AdWords services

Millennium executes its digital marketing solutions in a multi-phase approach. Once a client’s website has been elevated to meet best practices, Millennium conducts research, develops campaigns, and implements digital strategies to drive traffic and deliver higher engagement rates by leveraging Google and Bing technologies. Lead tracking and conversion rate metrics are established early in the process to ensure that performance goals are achieved, and data is maximized for continuous improvement to the website and digital campaigns.

“In one instance, we helped exceed enrollment goals for our client, Plymouth State University (PSU) through a powerful digital strategy,” prides Ms. Fanaras. PSU tasked Millennium to develop and execute a rebrand, conduct an aggressive digital marketing and lead generation campaign to recruit students and boost enrollment across undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Based on the research insights, Millennium created the “Experience Education” creative campaign supported by a comprehensive integrated marketing plan that included strategic messaging to target audiences and lead-generating microsites; driven by online banner, retargeting, pay-per-click and video advertising and supported by social media and high-impact creative direct mailers. Beginning with a target of 935 deposits, PSU received over 7,000 applications, 5,500 acceptances, and 1,600 deposits.

Forging ahead, Millennium will target regional and national growth while continuing to offer our clients the highest level of service and data-driven results. “As Google partners, we have early access to information on algorithm changes for our clients, and how to grow campaigns and remain competitive as the market evolves,” Ms. Fanaras concludes.

Millennium Integrated Marketing

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Linda Fanaras, President & Strategist

A data-driven digital, creative, and PR agency focused on optimizing the user experience

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