Mimer Information Technology AB: Solution that Redefines DataStorage

Magnus Hedencrona, CEO
With the rapid usage of powerful, embedded, and handheld devices among enterprises, there is a growing need for extremely scalable database solutions that seamlessly fix data management issues. For this purpose, most companies require solutions with vast set of capabilities for machine learning, AI algorithms to classic RDBMS functionality with SQL, data validation, persistent and reliable data storage. The Swedish company, Mimer Information Technology AB is unique for its ability to address data storage by scaling data from the smallest device to large corporate or cloud solution. “Mimer’s ambition is to become the operating system for data and replace the file system for all data storage,” begins Magnus Hedencrona, CEO, Mimer. The firm’s latest version of database infrastructure as well as their new SQL compiler, parser, and optimizer are not only scalable, robust, but also designed for zero maintenance during the entire lifecycle.

By using Optimistic Concurrency as main method for handling multiple users, the company makes the database locking free and immune to badly written SQL. Further, Mimer has a new infrastructure that is predesigned for integration of machine learning algorithms and AI for analyzing and manipulation of data and objects.

The Mimer SQL product range covers database management technologies from embedded and real-time systems to enterprise servers, irrespective of whether a client’s database is residing in the server room, on the desktop or on the mobile device. “Our SQL Mobile is a multi-user database management system (DBMS) with full SQL support, enabling firms to deploy complete database applications on hand-held devices, mobile phones, and other small appliances,” adds Hedencrona. “Mimer SQL Mobile can also transform a handheld device into an application server for multiple clients.”

Additionally, the company’s SQL Real-Time (RT) product is intended for both critical real-time embedded systems as well as for applications that require high performance and in memory data management. Mimer SQL RT provides the user or developer with a toolbox and an interface that easily defines, stores, and manipulates hard real time data parts and time formulates it for viewing or manipulation on the soft real-time side.

The future with billions of connected but autonomous and intelligent devices is all about data management and efficient and secure exchange of information

Mimer SQL RT offers unrivalled performance alongside real-time predictability, completely managing a firm’s application data, such as sensor/actuator data, logs, trends, parameters, and administrative data all in one data storage.

Mimer also incorporates one of the most comprehensive collation or language sorting packages in the business. The company manages more than 180 languages and dialects, including more than 50,000 Chinese signs and languages like Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian. “We also handle 18 of the largest Hindi dialects and a large number of African languages,” adds Hedencrona.

In an instance, a life science company, specializing in sophisticated analysis of blood cells utilized Mimer’s solution across their hospital wide network to connect users from a single standalone device to multiple devices. Additionally, another client, a national blood service organization managed all its blood transfusion services for a country with a population of nearly 50 million with the help of the cluster-based Mimer RDBMS solution. These client success stories stand as testament to vast functionality and applicability of the firm’s solutions.

Mimer has been experimenting and working with machine learning for the last seven years and is active in a number of research projects conducted by universities and other industrial partners within the telecom and automotive industry. “As requirements for functionality and performance keeps increasing for even smaller devices, we aim to embed our databases in as many products as we can,” concludes Hedencrona.

Mimer Information Technology AB

Uppsala, Sweden

Magnus Hedencrona, CEO

Providing SQL based relational database management system (RDBMS) targeted at mission critical client/server environments

Mimer Information Technology AB