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Bob Casey, CEO
Bob Casey grew up among entrepreneurs and small business owners, and enjoyed early lessons on what it takes to run a successful business–the ability to think out of the box and the passion to go the extra mile to conquer new horizons. “My heroes have always been entrepreneurs,” Casey acknowledges “and the strongest commonality I’ve seen amongst the most successful ones is an incredible focus on serving customers.”

Casey has a persistent sense of curiosity, and has always been drawn to learning about different technologies and businesses. Curiosity may, in fact, be the reason he has launched several businesses over the course of his entrepreneurial career. While in college, Casey developed a website to allow people to trade their old cell phones for cash. As the business evolved, the company developed a POS software system to enable wireless retailers to facilitate trade-ins and rebates. As more retail locations began using the software, Casey’s team had to quickly train thousands of retail associates to use it. They soon learned that their training program was incredibly difficult to scale. Years later, when Casey met the Mindflash team, he immediately understood the customer pain point. He knew Mindflash was a game changer, as it allows business leaders to consistently deliver impactful training inexpensively and at scale. Today, as CEO of Mindflash, Casey leads the company to deliver an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) which enables clients to train customers, contractors, and resellers.

Mindflash’s unique and powerful LMS caters to today’s growing breed of new companies with disruptive business models. For Mindflash customers like Uber, Mastercraft, and VSP, traditional training on human resource policies and internal processes is not the only focus. These organizations need a seamless way to train their end-users in a rapidly changing world, where applications are frequently updated; and the products and services that companies provide are increasingly complex.

User experience is critical to business success in today’s digital-driven world. Mindflash offers a plug and play solution that seamlessly integrates with software, like Salesforce, that these firms already use. Learners have on-demand access to vital information, no matter where they are–on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Training Beyond the Office Walls

Founded in 1999, Mindflash offers a best-in-class LMS solution for enterprises that demand a robust and easy-to-use platform for training customers, contractors, and resellers. Mindflash enables learners to easily access and comprehend information—from anywhere, at any time.

Most LMS in the marketplace are built focusing on internal use cases for a company, and are aimed at meeting the training and the regulatory compliance needs. Mindflash takes a unique approach by focusing on delivering training to non-traditional audiences, like customers, contractors, and resellers.

Mindflash makes online training and collaboration easier, faster, and more profitable for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Users can simply upload existing training materials in the form of PowerPoint, PDF, Word, videos, or audio recordings, organize them in an easy-to-use visual dashboard with unprecedented visibility, and invite learners to easily access vital information in real-time.

I believe that an obsession with customer success, a deep sense of curiosity, and incredible resilience are necessary to build a great business

Mindflash also delivers enterprise features including a robust API, white-label branding, and an embeddable training player to incorporate training within the client’s application, website, or intranet. With these capabilities, Mindflash solves a myriad of training challenges. Since each organization’s unique business environment and workflows drive a diverse set of reporting needs, Mindflash has invested heavily in building best-in-class reporting functionality. The company also provides integration with several technologies including Salesforce and other business intelligence platforms.

Mindflash’s cloud-based LMS is currently used by leading organizations like Uber, Dyson, Samsung, and Johnson & Johnson to provide frequent training on business-critical topics to thousands of contractors, partners and customers. Casey works alongside his team to provide exceptional customer experiences, which he believes are paramount to the company’s success.

Customer-First Strategy

Customer on-boarding and enablement are common training focuses, especially for businesses with complex product offerings, such as medical devices, insurance, and software. “The largest area of growth at Mindflash and across our industry is in customer training,” says Casey. One Mindflash client, a firm that provides ERP software to financial services firms, recently deployed a large-scale customer training program using Mindflash’s LMS platform to adequately support their fast-growing client base. The client now offers more than 125 short courses within their application, training customers on best practices right within the product. These 3-5 minute courses help users learn how to accomplish different tasks with the software and have dramatically reduced the time spent on on-boarding. Online customer training also ensures customer engagement and success while saving the client millions of dollars. “We believe that customer-centric training— which is deeply integrated into our products and applications—without the intervention of the customer support teams, will be the norm in the next couple of years,” affirms Casey.

Casey believes that in order for companies to be successful, they have to be hyper-focused on customer experience. “The customer has to come first,” Casey adamantly comments. As a customer-focused leader, Casey is passionate about helping companies to solve important business challenges through training and enablement. In order to solve any customer’s problem, business leaders have to understand the problem. This is one of Mindflash’s core values. Great companies are making investments to adapt and service the needs presented by today’s evolving nature of business. Training people anywhere, anytime is now a necessity. “I believe that an obsession with customer success, a deep sense of curiosity, and incredible resilience are necessary to build a great business,” concludes Casey.


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Bob Casey, CEO

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