Miner3D: Beautifully Visualizing the Big Data

“It’s only through visualization that we can take something as abstract as symbols and turn it into an image that our eyes can see and brains can understand. We can grasp the meaning of immense data quickly. Visualization tells us where we head and when to change track,” says Dusan Toman, CEO of Miner3D, a company whose innovative products are effectively helping enterprises to exploit the “unsizable” Big Data market.

Miner 3D’s data visualization products fulfill the complex multi-dimensional data analysis needs of both business and science. The solutions are empowering companies to uncover important insights hidden inside Big Data, in a beautiful and enjoyable way. "Miner3D's software helps us visualize large amounts of complex data in an easily-understood format. We utilize the tools almost every day," states The Houston Rockets, a leading sports organization in the U.S., which is using Miner3D data visualization technology to track and analyze the performance of its players and teams.

In the highly competitive data visualizing field, Miner3D’s solutions stand out for providing quick and easy access to dynamic and fully interactive data models. It incorporates a pure graphical user interface that allow users to create live, factual pictures from complex data either on desktop or on smart devices with unprecedented level of ease. “It’s as simple as a pie- Don’t bother about how to control a software. Think of your data, ask questions, make discoveries, save and share with your colleagues!” says the company.
Unlike competitors, Miner3D is fast in memory analytics, providing accurate results without draining out the system resources.

Miner3D’s technology targets enterprises like chemical giants, who conducts thousands of automated tests daily and scans the data to evaluate progress in R&D and quality control. A leading chemical corporation in U.S. is using Miner3D’s solutions to save their significant resources, as the product is helping the research team focus into the most promising direction as early as possible, with best results in shortest time. Miner3D also has proven solutions for sales analysis, clinical trials and lead optimization that are versatile and provides fast Return-On-Investment.

Miner3D’s solutions have found its way to Fortune 100 companies including Honeywell, who is using Miner3D for sales performance analysis. Pharmaceutical giants like RaQualiaPharma and news papers like USA TODAY are using Miner3D software for analyzing data and processing financial graphics.

Miner3D is planning to extend its offerings across industry verticals with tools that will help biotech and pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs; investment and financial firms to manage portfolios; geology research firms to explore new oil reservoirs; semiconductor companies to optimize quality of high-end memory chips production and health care institutions to serve their clients better.

In additional to innovate the user interface around latest multi-touch inputs and eye or body-tracking systems, Miner3D is releasing a new line of products based on a third generation core. “This technology allows us to fully employ new user interface options coming to the daily life to pursue our vision of creating the most intuitive interface between a user and data, big or small,” says Dusan.

Passionate about high-end graphics, Dusan is ‘visualizing’ the potential of computer graphics in solving business issues. It's data visualization, reinvented!


"It's only through visualization that we can take something as abstract as symbols and turn it into an image that our eyes can see and brains can understand.