Mintek Mobile Data Solutions: Transforming Assets into Competitive Advantage

Lind Hutton, CEO
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) allows organizations to maintain maximum production at minimal operating costs by predicting the life span of their assets. Often though, EAM fails to deliver the desired results in asset-intensive industries due to improper implementation.

Mintek Mobile Data Solutions offers their comprehensive EAM/CMMS hosted solution, Transcendent®, with low cost on-site training, individual customer configuration, and best in class iOS and Android apps. Mintek is based in central Florida.

Beyond the initial implementation, Mintek provides a video library on specific tasks and the option of administrative assistance. “As a result of our efforts, we have seen a decrease in operating costs and an increase in success rate for our clients,” says Lind Hutton, CEO of Mintek. The company’s mobile solutions reduces data inaccuracies and eliminates duplicate processes.

Commencing in 1987, Mintek focused primarily on the auto-identification industry. An opportunity arose in the cable industry and Mintek developed a product named Subscriber Equipment Tracking System (WinTrack SETS). Mintek began focusing more on software than hardware and consumables. The company created several solutions and its first foray into the EAM/CMMS world was a security application that morphed into WinTrack PM, a preventive maintenance solution.

WinTrack PM revolutionized preventive maintenance in the hospitality and lodging industry. Mintek transitioned its desktop and mobile software (SETS) with more modern SaaS solutions.
Mintek’s CMMS software, WinTrack PM, evolved into Transcendent EAM/CMMS for lodging and facilities customers. Transcendent® has expanded into other verticals, including malls, cities, ports, and hospitals.

The purpose of our asset management solution is to obtain the maximum Return on Assets for clients by minimizing operational costs

Transcendent® manages assets, documents, and work orders helping organizations predict the lifespan of every asset. “The purpose of our asset management solution is to obtain the maximum Return on Assets (ROA) for clients by minimizing operational costs,” adds Hutton.

Mintek’s team conducts field visits with their customers to deliver more beneficial results. Customers use a data synchronization capability that facilitates users to work in an offline environment. Users can later sync with the head-office once regaining internet connectivity.

Mintek released in August Transcendent 2.0 for both iOS and Android devices. The company is currently working on a new design feature for the hospitality industry that will help housekeeping management take room tracking to the next level.

Mintek Mobile Data Solutions

Dunedin, FL

Lind Hutton, CEO and Jerimi Ford, CTO

Provider of a full feature EAM/CMMS solution with robust mobile functionality. Incorporating asset, document, and work management; including log out tag out and inspection management to help increase ROA and compliance while reducing liability.