Miratech: Combining Advantages of Outsourcing with Benefits of Managed Competencies

Valeriy Kutsyy, CEO
Today’s IT trends, including cloud computing, big data, and enterprise mobility, have changed the paradigm of enterprise IT. “To achieve success in this landscape, CIOs must simultaneously execute several critical transformation initiatives within tight time frames and limited budgets,” says Valeriy Kutsyy, CEO, Miratech. “The ability to find talent and integrate new technologies becomes critical to stay competitive in the marketplace,” he adds. For its 26-year history Miratech has created a flexible and reliable delivery model for its clients to become agile in this environment by helping their R&D organization find and manage unique talent, and organize service delivery.

We shape services to fit impeccably for the one client—not for everyone

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Washington D.C., Miratech partners with banking clients by creating and operating a dedicated Managed Competence Center with the best fit to the client’s business needs. The company delivers a complete suite of reliable, time-tested services, which include: desktop, web, and mobile application development; software solution development; software testing, Information system integration, network, server and IT infrastructure management, auditing, and maintenance, server, database, storage, and cloud solution management and administration, and IT services for regional bank branches. “Our managed service domains include quality assurance services, technical support, application engineering, among other key strategic services,” says Kutsyy.

The essence of Miratech’s Managed Competence Center is supplying the competence needed by banking customers through the most effective delivery model for each business case. With the highest level of efficiency, the company sets up the right governance framework for service deployment, delivery, and acceptance. “Our company applies a comprehensive range of delivery models from out-staffing to fixed-price projects and SLAs; the right model at the right time reduces risks, inefficiencies, and rework,” notes Kutsyy.

Miratech also has in its portfolio some unique End-User Services. They were introduced for the banking and telecom sectors in 2009. The services are oriented toward those institutions that have branches in many remote locations around the country, including small towns. “Our End-User Services actually enhances social mobility in these locations,” says Kutsyy. With its R&D centers, Miratech’s service network covers 560 cities and towns, including small communities that are far from industrial centers. These communities are economically underdeveloped; therefore it is difficult to find proper employment there, especially technically savvy candidates for tech support engineering positions. Nevertheless, Miratech employs many residents of these regions, which leads not only to that region’s economic development, but also to the professional growth of the local technical professionals.

With easy access to Central and Eastern European talent, Miratech has led scores of projects around the globe in various industries. The services include infrastructure and network support, service desk, database services along with quality assurance, defect identification and analysis, acceptance testing, and audit of engineering processes against ISO and CMMI standards.
“We implement currency exchange, debt collection, retail lending, account receivable, contact center, security audit and compliance, application integration, various archiving, reporting solutions and more for our clients,” reveals Kutsyy. To ensure its services are effective as possible, the company’s inclusive variety of IT services is conveyed to a limited number of customers. “Our capabilities extend beyond just providing engineers, to managing projects—including highly complex projects, or those requiring a fast turnaround—and honoring service SLAs,” says Kutsyy.

“During our years of working within the financial sector, Miratech has achieved impressive results. We have completed many projects to implement and ensure the flawless workflow of contact centers, to establish IT infrastructure and to automate banking operations,” states Kutsyy. Due to Miratech’s reputation for outstanding service, the company has gained a foothold in both international and local markets. “Our services are trusted by such financial institutions as the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Raiffeisen Bank, and OTP Bank,” he adds.

For a detailed understanding of Miratech’s work in the financial sector consider the example of FINCA, a micro lending organization, based in Washington D.C. and owned by IFC, operating in 23 countries and serving one million clients across five continents. In the Eurasian market FINCA was specifically interested in identifying IT professionals with expertise in database and systems administration, reporting software development, and core systems support. As outsourcing wasn’t an acceptable option for the organization, FINCA was open to other options that could be employed to manage and control its engineering resources. Miratech suggested its service model—Managed Competence Center, that combines the advantages of outsourcing with staff management. This solution allowed FINCA to maintain cost-effectiveness while managing IT resources, without having to permanently fill staffing positions. “The Miratech Managed Competence Center solution has served FINCA well for the past year, and we anticipate it will continue to do so in the future" said Braulio Oliveira, Vice President and CIO, FINCA International.

Unlike many other providers, Miratech entirely concentrates on service delivery. The company does not develop software or manufacture hardware, and does nothing that could potentially diminish their focus on service delivery. “We shape services to fit impeccably for the one client- not for everyone,” says Kutsyy. That’s is a part of Miratech’s execution strategy, helping to ensure the highest knowledge of customer needs, the availability of senior management resources, and overall delivery efficiency and quality. The company never rests on its laurels. “Our goal is to achieve the best possible results, providing clients with services and products of exceptional quality and security, and that makes us completely unique in the market,” he adds.

“The dynamics of the banking IT managed services space requires that we stay on-top of the current changes, and that we look years ahead,” says Kutsyy. Every current project and initiative includes a cloud or virtualization component. “We will take our portfolio of managed services solutions to market through an aggressive expansion of our Managed Competence Center (MCC) brand,” concludes Kutsyy.


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Valeriy Kutsyy, CEO

Miratech is an IT services and outsourcing company that provides managed IT services to large and midsize multinational organizations.