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Marcy Mirkin, Founder and CEO
Considering the limited budget of startups and small-sized companies, it is common for founders and executives to take on multiple roles within organizations. Their primary business responsibilities often overlap with complex back-office HR functions, including recruitment, payroll, process review, and compliance. The reduced focus on critical business processes can impede a company’s productivity and slow its growth.

Many founders and executives have found the perfect resolution for this problem with Mirkin Solutions, a cost-effective, trusted, and committed provider of managed HR services. The boutique firm offers people operations, value-added HR services, and payroll processing capabilities to small, medium-sized, and startup businesses that don’t have sufficient budget for an in-house HR team and need additional support to improve their HR functions.

“Our skilled human resource team and certified payroll professionals work with CEOs and other executives to design a tailored service plan that can resolve their HR issues,” says Marcy Mirkin, founder and CEO of Mirkin Solutions.

Mirkin’s team assesses and analyzes the client’s critical issues through an interactive conversation or a formal audit and crafts individual proposals based on the analysis. Whether it is payroll, people support, executive recruitment or compliance, Mirkin Solutions follows up daily, weekly, or bi-weekly with clients to ensure the efficacy of its services and enhance HR outcomes. Mirkin can work like an embedded HR team, supporting clients with customized levels of service to streamline their administrative HR tasks or can support specific HR projects and initiatives.

The company’s service offerings also extend to bookkeeping, which complements its payroll offerings and frees clients from the burden of reconciling a company’s financial data and reports. Startups and emerging companies without a CFO, bookkeeper, or controller are assured of a single-point solution for various needs, ranging from payroll and accounting to project management.

Mirkin ensures its services are aligned with its clients’ missions and business goals.
Their experience with the U.S. and GDPR privacy regulations and employment law, especially, helps their clients stay one step ahead in terms of compliance and always align with a client’s culture and social justice goals

The company recently assisted a client in their policy review and helped update their inclusion and equity policies to comply with wage, gender, and race neutrality laws. Mirkin’s team understood the client’s goal of updating their policies through staff and stakeholders interviews. They learned the executives’ stand on socio-economic topics and developed policies to match the company’s culture. Such experiences have converted many of their one-time customers into regular clients.

Our skilled human resource team and certified payroll professionals work with CEOs and other executives to design a tailored service plan that can resolve their HR issues

Mirkin’s successes can also be attributed to its team, which possesses national and international expertise. They have worked with business partners all over the U.S. and beyond, empowering clients to resolve challenging employment issues. Their experience with employee investigations helps clients avert legal challenges and easily navigate confidential management matters.

The company’s offerings are not confined to HR. It provides IT and graphic design services to support business needs. Mirkin’s technology services help implement reliable technology tools to support a business round the clock. In addition, its graphic design services offer customized logos, newsletters, and marketing collateral, giving a brand identity to clients.

As startups prefer leveraging quality services within a limited budget, HR outsourcing is no longer a new concept. Mirkin Solutions stands out with its continued growth in the sphere, supplemented with client relationships built on trust, integrity, and honesty. Its team of experts strives to add value to clients with consistent learning, making Mirkin a first-rate alternative for an in-house HR team.

Mirkin Solutions

New York City, NY

Marcy Mirkin, Founder and CEO

Mirkin Solutions is a boutique firm offering people operations, value-added HR services, and payroll processing to startups, and small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford an in-house HR team, or require additional expertise.

Mirkin Solutions