Mirror Image: Dynamic Services for Delivering Live and VOD to Any Device, Anywhere in the World

Robert P. Andrews, COO
Mirror Image provides highly scalable online services for online businesses worldwide. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Mirror Image combines a patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) with real-time, ultra low latency services that include customizable application logic; online video publishing; streaming solutions for delivering audio and video; content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads; and optimized delivery to an extensive range of desktops, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, and other devices.

The company’s Online Video Platform solution, Publisher, is an all-inclusive video solution that combines the best live video streaming services with the best video on demand features available today. Robert P. Andrews, Chief Operating Officer of Mirror Image says, “Publisher redefines what has been called an Online Video Platform to include built-in capabilities that transcode audio and video files in the Cloud, record and playback live events, and monitor both the ingress and egress video streams.”

Andrews continues, “Publisher was designed to make it easier and more effective for news, media, entertainment, sports organizations and faith-based ministries to publish videos online. Publisher is also available in modules, so companies that only need live transcoding, monitoring, or encoding can purchase just the modules they need and not the entire solution.” Mirror Image also offers a wide range of custom solutions that include: website design and development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, advertising services, media center development, video player and encoding development, and more. Andrews adds, “What we are doing differently is taking the approach of offering services that extend beyond responding or delivering requested content.

Additional to our regular services, we offer the ability to dynamically deploy behaviors on a network which enables us to change the way we respond to requests based on the criteria given to us by our customers.”
The Mirror Image global DDN consists of Content Access Point (CAP) facilities that offload customers’ origin servers and locate the content close to the user, ensuring optimal website performance. This enables companies to create higher quality online global interactions and execute customized application logic, streaming media, content delivery, and reporting solutions in real time. The company’s Edge Computing service takes charge of a wide range of custom applications and use cases, that include mobile and display advertising applications, stream authorization, online data collection, as well as targeting and customization initiatives based on cookies, device type, geo-location, and other request attributes. “We are looking at ways to increase the number of use cases that we can add to our Dynamic Delivery services. Through this, we can become more of a cloud-based computing and a cloud application type platform via which customers can deploy their applications,” states Andrews. Mirror Image delivers live video for media and entertainment companies all over the world. Their global DDN transports video assets from the closest CAP to the person requesting the video to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

The company can perform this irrespective of their device, connection speed or the customer’s location. Mirror Image’s services are spread across a variety of markets including Advertising and Ad Technology, E-Commerce, Gaming, Mobile, Live Events and software companies. Andrews’s comments, “We have catered to a number of video and audio broadcasting companies. Today, they come to us to distribute their live broadcasts to mobile devices which can be easily viewed by anybody on their own device. In this hyper-connected world, more and more people are turning to their smartphones to catch up on the latest world events. We provide a host of unique capabilities for companies to help them improve the user experience by pushing more relevant content and messaging to their viewers. That’s the power of a Dynamic Delivery Network.”

Mirror Image

Tewksbury, MA

Robert P. Andrews, COO

Scalable online services for companies worldwide.