MIS Alliance: Managed IT Services Expert

Taraneh Satvat, Co-founder and CEO
While processes and technology are inevitable components of managed IT services, the role of human talent cannot be underestimated. Without the right expertise and perpetual focus on the customer, even the finest of processes and tools will fail to deliver high-quality services and support. Technology veterans well versed in IT and customer service are consequently key to delivering optimal services and solutions that cater appropriately to specific client requirements. Nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the perspective of Newton, Massachusetts-based MIS Alliance, which has distinguished itself in the managed IT services arena by taking a hands-on approach to architecting an innovative portfolio of solutions. MIS Alliance has over 18 years of experience offering complete, customized services tailored to the business needs of organizations across varied industries. Whether via consultative strategy, data security, disaster recovery, network vulnerability assessment, wireless infrastructure deployment or a complete network and infrastructure design, MIS Alliance covers the entire spectrum of IT services.

MIS Alliance offers a unique recipe by employing a seamless client engagement strategy and allocating a team of engineers with a well-experienced lead for each client. This methodology not only improves the technical support quality but also minimizes the inefficiency of engaging with a new support team member every time that the client needs IT-related assistance. “Our service-oriented focus and seamless support services delivered by experienced engineers result in differentiated solutions for clients’ business complexities,” says Taraneh Satvat, Co-founder and CEO of MIS Alliance. Always mindful of clients’ financial constraints, MIS Alliance additionally offers hardware / software / licensing as a service, which has the benefit of converting an IT capital expenditure into an operational expenditure, thereby helping to improve a client’s budgeting and cash management and directly impacting its bottom line.

According to Taraneh, the nucleus of MIS Alliance is a team of highly skilled and experienced employees focused on driving the firm to sustainable success through remarkable customer satisfaction.

With certified IT professionals and strategic counsel, MIS Alliance offers complete customized IT services

The company’s vision of delivering best-in-breed solutions to cater to unique client requirements is achieved by ensuring seamless communication and consistent collaboration within the engineering team.

Over the past 18 years, MIS Alliance has created a stellar reputation within the managed IT services industry by delivering innovative services. Painting a picture of MIS Alliance’s comprehensive range of IT services, Taraneh recalls an instance where a prospect with multiple locations sought an engagement to replace its core router and main server. During the project planning and initial testing phases, MIS Alliance discovered unstable infrastructure equipment and misconfigurations throughout the network and identified existing problems in the client’s network using various tools. MIS earned the opportunity to address these outstanding network and infrastructure issues and implemented a complete set of solutions that changed the underlying users’ experience and productivity. The client thereafter became a managed IT services client of the firm.

In the near future, MIS Alliance envisions continuing its expansion throughout the greater Boston area and Eastern New England and offering the most cutting-edge solutions. In addition, given the surging importance of security, the firm is focusing on becoming more security-centric. “We look forward to enhancing our current IT security services and are constantly researching and actively participating in various IT communities and forums to continue to improve our depth of knowledge in this ever-evolving segment of the industry,” concludes Taraneh.

MIS Alliance

Newton, MA

Taraneh Satvat, Co-founder and CEO

A woman-owned business delivering a full range of managed IT Services to a wide spectrum of vertical markets

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