MISI Tech: Real-Time Content Delivery and Beyond

Ela Shapira, VP Business Development
Content delivery has had modest beginnings and was only brought within the reach of the consumer through television broadcasting. While this presented several challenges in real-time production and fixed-channel broadcasting and limitations in content collaboration, distributors’ networks of transmission improved as the advent of the internet truly pushed content delivery into the 21st century. With core technologies such as web streaming and real-time production, no content is out of bounds and a need arises to leverage this technological revolution to its fullest—enter MISI Tech. A location-based, distributed, content delivery network, MISI Tech is backed up with real-time streaming and color manipulation technologies.

MISI Tech combines cloud computing together with end-user device grid. To this effect, a well-known video stream provider had customers who required video variation. They needed a product, which would allow them to alter the physical appearance of human skin in the live stream, in real time, without adding enormous costs in post-processing. With a painless and self-sufficient adoption process, the provider was able to download MISI Tech onto their units and achieve their objective, in a hugely successful implementation. Needless to say, the provider was able to save significant dollars while having in place a state-of-the-art content delivery solution for real-time production.

Additionally, MISI Business allows for distribution of content locally, helping integrate content for major events by deploying their proprietary, MISI Room platform at the physical location of the event. MISI Rooms enables the processing of all media—helping the user build and put together a comprehensive story easily and in real time. As CTO, Tamir Fridman states, “We help clients gain richer analysis with more scalable applications for filtering, aggregating, and analyzing the continuous collection of data in real time.” MISI Tech achieves such staggering capabilities by combining GPU-based deep machine learning algorithms, to provide an online or offline, complete real-time solution for layered media analysis and graphics manipulation. This is especially useful for layered media analysis and graphic manipulation, offering TV stations, movie studios, and content designers an end-to-end solution for real-time graphic control.
This delivers much better ROI as opposed to graphic editing post production, whilst also analyzing deep graphic information across the entire grid with no delay. Concurrently, fresh motion tracking techniques allow for tracking of stream objects and camera movements as well.

We help clients gain richer analysis with more scalable applications for filtering, aggregating, and analyzing the continuous collection of data in real time

On the hardware front, MISI Tech offers the Color Acceleration bare metal GPU server—a standalone server, designed for video-art studios, TV stations, and content providers. MISI Color Acceleration Server allows smart enhancement of graphical features in video streams while streaming at 4K quality in real time. On the consumer front, MISI Media Player delivers a standalone graphics engine designed to work with Smart TVs, video cameras, media streamers, and handheld devices. The graphics engine can be easily integrated into any camera and video-streaming hardware available and allows the end user to experience multi-streaming and pre-defined graphical enhancements for incoming 4K video streams, in real time.

MISI Tech thus lends the capability for customers to identify events as they happen in real time and trigger relevant events, enabling them to analyze the streams and react in real time. “Our roadmap is chock-full of plans to enhance the social experience through multiple streams and audience engagements while combining personalized data,” adds Ela Shapira, VP of business development for MISI Tech. Currently, MISI Tech is integrating with some of the biggest cloud providers, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Google and is actively testing its technologies on the cloud to help clients distribute their content via MISI Business Rooms. In the future, the company is looking to continue delivering great content with an equally compelling social experience.


Walnut, California

Ela Shapira, VP Business Development and Tamir Fridman, CTO

Delivers video parallel-processing using analog based color analysis technique to enhance video graphics in realtime.