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Kim Schaefer, President & Chief Operating Officer
Today’s CIOs are operating in an environment where users have multiple devices and customers expect service 24/7/365. They are the key to organizational productivity in an always connected world. With more users working away from the office and using mobile devices or the cloud, software providers must provide software that utilizes that technology. Some of the top priorities for CIOs are cloud services, mobility, security, wireless connectivity, and customer relationship management. That is where Mitchell Humphrey & Co. comes in.

St. Louis, MO based Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH & Co.) has been providing software and enterprise services to clients both in public and private sectors. The firm’s financial software helps streamline processes, automates workflows, and provides transparency. Their wide range of products include Government Accounting Software, Business Accounting Software, and Community Development Software.

Microsoft is about empowerment through technology. There is a big focus on mobile and the limitless computing capacity found in the cloud. Enhancements to all of their products are focused on communication, collaboration, productivity and business process. With that being the case, in 2008, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. and Microsoft teamed up to combine MH & Co.’s expertise in building innovative products for the public sector with the proven technology and process controls included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The result was FastTrackGov®, a full suite of solutions for municipalities, counties, government agencies, special districts, and regulatory authorities focused on enhancing constituent satisfaction while improving back office effectiveness. FastTrackGov allows governmental organizations to streamline processes by providing a citizen portal for online submission, workflow to automate the routing of paper work as it goes through the approval and inspection process, and an integrated document management system. FastTrackGov has the same look and feel as all of the other Microsoft products and can be run through Microsoft Outlook.

Most of MH & Co.’s clients have specialized requirements that they could not meet with (Commercial off-the-shelf) COTS software. “MH & Co. has designed all of our software to enable us to develop custom applications or modules without creating source code.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible for us to provide instantaneous services in all kinds of amazing ways to our customer

This ensures that all of our clients are always on the same version of software and is a fundamental design principal,” mentions Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer. With MH & Co., clients are able to meet standard needs, plus their specialized requirements, with no custom software code – saving time and reducing costs. One such client is the Reno Sparks Convention & Visitor’s Authority (RSCVA). MH & Co. developed a custom Room Tax solution for RSCVA when they implemented its financial accounting software, FMS II. Next, RSCVA decided to provide a portal using FastTrackGov that would allow end-users to file room tax returns and submit payments electronically. The FastTrackGov solution reduced staff processing of manual returns, provided for real-time access to information, increased the flow of cash into the organization, reduced costs for printing and mailing of returns, and provided for better communication with property managers.

“While many of our products are competing in highly competitive markets, Red Oceans, if you will; we are continuously focused on identifying un- or underserved markets. We believe that a combination Red/Blue Ocean competitive strategy provides us with the opportunity for consistent revenue growth year over year,” says Schaefer. MH & Co. has been in business for nearly 40 years and is one of the few independent software vendors (ISV’s) that has developed this type of solution on the Dynamics CRM framework.

In the upcoming years, the company will be focusing on mobile apps with enterprise mobility transforming business operations. The emphasis is on convenient field operations, full integration with mobile hardware and cloud platforms.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.

St. Louis, MO

Kim Schaefer, President & Chief Operating Officer

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