Mitel Networks: [NASDAQ:MITL] Going Beyond Customer Initiated Interactions

Richard McBee, President & CEO Operating 30,000 sailings annually between the U.K. mainland and the Isle of Wight, Red Funnel Ferries required a fully featured and reliable phone system and contact center solution. When Red Funnel’s voice-only contact center approached the end of life, the company realized that it was not only time for an upgrade or replacement, but also needed the capability of omnichannel communications, integrating emails and social media through the contact center. Preparing the client to enhance customer experience, by proactively publishing and replying to customers across varied channels, Canada based Mitel Networks [NASDAQ:MITL] came to Red Funnel’s rescue, ensuring a positive customer engagement strategy and skill-based routing.

Delivering a seamless customer experience, across the contact center medium of any choice— voice, Email, SMS, fax, social media, web chat, or multi-media self-service—Mitel powers more than 2 billion connections every day, including 33 million cloud connections. This presents customers with the option to choose the method of contact that best suits their needs. A frontrunner in the contact center arena, Mitel’s multi-channel solutions help over 60 million users around the world keep up with the latest technology trends like cloud-enablement, and multi-channel communications.

Powering Connections

Aiding the communications requirements of the smallest as well as the largest enterprises—both in the cloud and on-premise— Mitel’s wide array of products encompass applications and mobility options that optimize businesses and ameliorate their productivity, cost effectively. Preparing businesses to meet the evolving needs with the right tools, Mitel helps users get a real-time view of customer activity through a range of monitors and dashboards, and drill down further into performance with historical charts and reports. For example, when a customer enters an account number over the phone, the data is passed back in the database system triggering a screen pop with the customer’s records, when an agent answers the call. This enables the agent to better assist the customer. The company’s contact center solutions meticulously forecast agent staffing requirements—entitling managers to estimate, measure, and administer call arrival patterns and make informed scheduling decisions.

Additionally, the firm’s IT management functionality untangles operations with a single point of configuration and administration for all forms of customer engagement. “At the risk of sounding simple, simplification is the next big transition for our industry—making what we’ve got, really work, seamlessly,” says Richard McBee, President and CEO, Mitel. Not so long ago, Centrinex—a contact center management service provider—recognized that introducing multimedia capabilities would not only refine customer satisfaction, but also enhance productivity by enabling agents to effectively handle multiple customer interactions with a rapid resolution time.

We, at Mitel, can try to predict and guess what the next big technology wave will be, but the only true barometer that accurately gets it right each time is customer demand

“By introducing Mitel’s solutions, a phone call that would take a minute and a half, now takes 10-15 seconds, ensuring a fruitful customer experience,” comments Bart Miller, CEO and Founder, Centrinex.

In an evolving marketplace where reducing costs and boosting operational efficiency is extremely crucial, Mitel has empowered Centrinex to provide its customers a much broader service, with a smaller workforce. “The Mitel solution has been able to scale with us easily throughout the entire process,” states Miller.

Mending the Weak Link

For businesses focused on end-to-end customer experience, it is sometimes disenchanting to discover that an ineffective call center operation is often the weak link. Whether inbound, outbound, presale, or post, in many companies, call center operations often falls short of customer expectations. How can businesses stem the tide and offer clients the kind of call center experience that produces higher satisfaction and quality? The key lies within Mitel’s automated outbound dialing tool. In order to engage customers proactively and boost agent efficiency, businesses can use outbound campaigns to uncover potential revenue opportunities, diffuse salient business information, or even support business operations outside the contact center. This level of service helps businesses differentiate themselves by bestowing a fruitful experience that impacts customer satisfaction and retention rates.

In addition to automated interactions, advanced routing algorithms, and workforce management tools, the need of the hour today is minimized operational convolution and vendor integration costs with contact center solutions that blend with the user’s unified communications. The goal of any contact center business is to provide an improved customer experience, required to build and sustain profitable relationships—involving more than just managing call-handling times and abandon rates. According to Gartner, by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with a business in the digital space without human interaction. Understanding this need, the company’s inbound contact center solutions not only provide tools for optimizing the customer experience, but also ensure business continuity and real-time capabilities.

Customer Demand—the True Barometer

Ensuring that current and future requirements are met with flexible deployment options, on-premise or in the cloud, Mitel meets the contact center needs and protects future investments through simplified and customized end-to-end services. “We are less interested in chasing theoretical technical rainbows and more interested in simplifying how customers deal in reality.
We, at Mitel, can try to predict and guess what the next big technology wave will be, but the only true barometer that accurately gets it right each time is customer demand. So, we follow the customer,” explains McBee. Serving as an enterprise-grade, multichannel, and cloud-ready solution designed to power customer-centric organizations, Mitel’s MiContact Center Business scales from supporting small, sophisticated business needs to enterprise-grade contact centers. Helping organizations break down operational silos between contact center and back-office staff, the solution reduces handling time and increases the likelihood of first contact resolution.

Fueling Helpful, Intelligent Interactions

Designed to help small and medium businesses outdo customer expectations, one of the company’s core platforms—MiContact Center Office—proffers systematic monitoring, managing, and routing of calls. By providing agents with informative screen pops and Personal Information Manager (PIM) integration, MiContact Center Office offers real-time business intelligence insights on call performance and agent activity, enabling a fruitful customer interaction experience.

With over four decades of experience providing business communication tools, Mitel breaks down barriers, boosts productivity with real-time, on-demand collaboration tools. As a case in point, a Florida based NGO–Food For The Poor—struggled to be organized and effective in reaching a support base in order to raise funds. Using technology that was unequipped for the size and sophistication of the operation, the client experienced hampered agent productivity and required an efficient progressive dialer and a user friendly contact center solution. Assuring exemplary service and maintaining the ability to respond quickly to client needs, Mitel’s agile team assisted the customer gain remarkable increase in agent productivity and ensured a consistent and systematic approach to calls handled.

Going the Extra Mile

While Mitel’s litmus test for spending on novel systems is based on its customer impact and the subsequent growth it generates, the firm designs its state-of-the-art products and solutions to create a foundation that is not only scalable, but also customizable for tomorrow. Additionally, with over 2,500 channel partners globally, the company would persist to go the extra mile to help partners work with more clients, to boost the return on investments. “We have all the capabilities we need to be competitive as a global company,” says McBee.

“With over four decades of experience providing business communication tools, Mitel breaks down barriers, boosts productivity with real-time, on-demand collaboration tools”

Focused on strategic acquisitions to drive revenue, Mitel is looking for software-oriented technology add-ons, giving the firm a promising outlook for the future. Enhancing the company’s software offerings and moving into mobile telephony, McBee is keen on expanding the firm’s focus on optimizing solutions for vertical industries—from financial to education, healthcare, hospitality, and beyond.

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