mLogica: Enabling a different approach towards enterprise database modernization

Amit Okhandiar, President & CEO
The last few years have witnessed impressive changes in the enterprise data management sector. However, the industry is yet to evolve in many aspects. For instance, lack of database standardization, Licensing restrictions, end of life databases in the environment and escalation of database support costs, among many others, have been impacting the industry. Further, aspects such as deficiency of legacy database resources and inability to manage a true 24/7/365 database remain as crucial concerns.

The other noteworthy feature in legacy environments is the insufficiency of application documentation, resulting in increased risk due to compliance, modernization and recent developments. The situation gets even more complicated with the current legacy databases which are non-standard and costly to maintain. Therefore, the way out would be a comprehensive approach towards these concerns, as envisaged by the Orange, CA based mLogica, a provider of automated database and application modernization solutions.

mLogica, led by Amit Okhandiar, President & CEO, has expertise in cross-platform databases, including extensive expertise and experience in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase (ASE and IQ), Informix, Ingres and other database technologies. mLogica works with the Oracle Platform Migration Group, Engineering, and OCS during these engagements to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The firms’ database migration methodology and assets are embedded in the Oracle Migration Factory for the automated migration of non-Oracle databases (such as Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, SQL Server, DB2, Informix,Ingres) to Oracle 11g, 12c and Exadata. Automated application modernization software transforms legacy languages such as C, COBOL, Ada, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, etc.,to object oriented languages such as C++, Java or .NET.

The impressive array of clients comprises of mid-market, upper mid-market and enterprise customers in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Retail and Distribution, Public Sector, Universities, Technology, and Oil and Gas.
mLogica’s Oracle and cross platform database expert services, including database performance tuning, performance management, performance monitoring, high availability, data replication, data recovery, serverconsolidation and migrations, database managed services, crisis management and mitigations, data governance and support, have remained crucial areas of focus for the company. Also, mLogica extends selective outsourcing and software development for Advanced Analytics, Big Data Implementations, and Data Integration for Big Data and EDWs.

mLogica extends selective outsourcing and software development for Advanced Analytics, Big Data Implementations, and Data Integration for Big Data and EDWs

Through their automated tool led Database and Application Modernization Practices, the company paves way for improvements in automated database migrations, automated application conversion and migration along with data center migration management. Further, troubleshooting, performance, tuning, upgrades, HA/ replication, clusters and database managed services are part of the mLogica approach towards database consulting services.

What is Next for mLogica?

Okhandiar has great plans for the upcoming years “We have plans revolving around continued development of automated conversion tools and translation engines to lower the cost of database and application migrations. Moreover, there would be increased focus on providing advance analytics with ultra-high performance solutions to address specific industry business cases for better decision making. Finally, we look forward to helping organizations lower their operational costs through platform modernization, optimization, and operational efficiencies”, explains Okhandiar.


Orange, CA

Amit Okhandiar, President & CEO

A provider of automated database and application modernization solutions