MMIS: Global Compliance Platform Streamlines Processes and Delivers Business Intelligence Enterprise-Wide

Michaeline Daboul, CEO
Portsmouth, NH based MMIS developed the MediSpend Global Compliance Platform, the first cloud-based platform and suite of applications designed specifically to address the compliance requirements for the life sciences industry. MMIS is a leader, providing cost-effective compliance solutions to help clients comply with global transparency laws. MediSpend’s tools aggregate and analyze enterprise data, identify and assess organizational risk, and enable clients to manage relationships with healthcare providers across the globe.

The company leverages leading-edge technology creating scalable solutions that help customers ranging from the largest pharmaceutical, medical device and dental companies to emerging biotech and bio-pharmaceutical companies. “Together with our customers, investors, and internal teams, we continue to innovate to solve global compliance problems to ensure customer success,” explains Michaeline Daboul, President and CEO. The MediSpend Global Compliance Platform includes add-on modules such as Engagement Manager (to manage the HCP relationship end–to-end), MediSpend Validate (to ensure the accuracy of reports prior to submitting to government entities) and MediSpend Insight (a robust BI tool that offers actionable insights to better understand and manage business activities across the organization).

MMIS has an experienced group of technology experts and an in-house legal team, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare compliance, which sets this growing company apart from other compliance software providers. MMIS also has an exceptional client services team, which supports its customers by solving problems and building long term relationships. Most recently the MediSpend team supported a large pharmaceutical company who was unhappy with its current system and in need of a trusted technology to support its compliance initiative. The company required a system that could be implemented within eight weeks, could support data aggregation from multiple enterprise source systems, and could upload data from third party sources using Excel.Not only did MMIS meet those requirements by pre-configuring the MediSpend system with easy-to-use automated extraction and loading procedures to import data, but also provided real-time analysis of data using MediSpend’s BI solution—MediSpend Insight.
As a result, the client is now aggregating, tracking, monitoring, and ready to report data to meet state and federal transparency reporting requirements; on-time and accurately.

Leading this innovative group is Michaeline Daboul, CEO. Michaeline, an avid yoga enthusiast, believes that running a successful company and organization is similar to practicing yoga. Every time Michaeline enters the studio, she pushes herself to master new poses—just like implementing innovative practices in a growing business. “The discipline required to be a strong yoga practitioner is similar what it takes to steer and guide MMIS toward success; it demands immense determination and fervor. Taking deep breaths serves me well in yoga and in business,” she adds.

The MediSpend platform allows our customers to effectively meet evolving global compliance and transparency laws, while preparing for the demands of tomorrow. One of our customers said it best – ‘MediSpend is an elegant and easy to use solution for a complex problem

Moving forward; “Our next generation MediSpend platform will be launched this spring,” according to Michaeline. This new platform includes a fresh user interface to allow configuration by non-developers, the ability to manage data prior to import and the use of multiple reference databases to ensure accuracy and identification of physicians globally. “This is yet another significant and disruptive change to the current software offerings in this space. We continue to provide improvements that accelerate the validation and analysis of data while keeping the cost low compared to customized systems that are developed in-house or by large consulting firms,” adds Michaeline. The latest technology platform is easily integrated into existing enterprise systems and is scalable to meet the needs of some of the world’s largest life science companies.


Portsmouth, NH

Michaeline Daboul, CEO

Offers compliance software for the life sciences and develops innovative products that allow organizations to cost-effectively comply with global transparency laws, identify and assess risk, and manage relationships with healthcare providers across the globe.