Moat: Transforming Marketing Online

Jonah Goodhart There was an estimated $100 billion spent in digital advertising in 2013, did you get the right return? Tracking success in marketing spend has been a question that the Internet was supposed to have solved; after all it’s the most trackable medium, right? Until recently though, the most trackable medium has left us with antiquated measures like click-through rates and page views as the default method to judge the success of our hard spent dollars.

Enter Moat. Moat is a SaaS analytics and intelligence company that is helping marketers and publishers more effectively measure success in digital. By focusing on better intelligence and more meaningful signals (such as viewable exposure time, which measures the amount of time your ad or content was exposed to your intended audience), Moat is helping clear the way for a new lens to evaluate marketing programs.

“Two-thirds of all global advertising dollars are focused on building brands. In digital, it’s the opposite,” said Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Moat.

Brand marketers need to figure out how to leverage digital for brand success. To do so, we need to re-think the old direct response focused metrics

“Brand marketers need to figure out how to leverage digital for brand success. To do so, we need to re-think the old direct response focused metrics.”

Founded in 2010 by brothers Jonah Goodhart and Noah Goodhart as well as Michael Walrath, Moat is focused on understanding how consumers pay attention, and ultimately, how a marketer can quantify that attention. “Imagine sitting in a meeting modern day and someone looks at their phone to check their email – it’s completely normal. Now imagine it’s 10 years earlier and the same person is sitting in the meeting opening a stack of physical mail. The way we pay attention has changed,” said Goodhart. “We have to look at all marketing spend through the lens of attention, it’s the new baseline for every marketer. Without attention, there is no value to exposing a consumer to your ad or content.”
Helping Marketers Measure Attention

For Moat, measuring attention and helping marketers and publishers comes in the form of two products: Moat Analytics and Moat Pro.

Moat Analytics is their real-time analytics platform that measures, reports, benchmarks, and easily exports interesting results (including via a PowerPoint export tool that builds slides on the fly!). Clients leverage Moat Analytics for Video, Mobile, Display, and Native Advertising. Moat’s clients include Conde Nast, Kellogg’s, The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

Moat Pro is the intelligence side of the house and helps marketers and publishers understand where buying and selling is taking place in real-time so they can stay ahead of the curve. The platform can answer questions such as who is buying direct on a particular publishervs who is buying programmatic via a network or exchange? Who is leveraging rich media executions such as “home page takeover” or similar units? The platform even measures formats such as preroll video and native advertising. In short, Moat Pro is an addictive view into what everyone is doing with their digital marketing spends.

With a growing team in New York City that is made up of over 60% engineers, Moat is focused on the long run and is out to change the industry. They may do just that.


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Jonah Goodhart and Noah Goodhart & Michael Walrath

The company is a search engine for online display ads, making it easy to find brands and to discover the banner ads that are running on top sites.