Mobile Concepts Technology: Equipping Public Safety Agencies with Rugged, In-Vehicle Technology

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Aaron Bauer and Bill Duncan, Co-Founders
9-1-1 is the contact number that one immediately dials in case of any emergency or threat. After such a call, first responders such as SWAT teams, police personnel, firefighters, or emergency medical teams are expected to act spontaneously and prudently. However, these public safety officers can only ensure efficient and appropriate service if they can be properly informed about a situation and have the right tools to analyze it while being on the road. Mobile Concepts Technology (MCT), a national provider of rugged, in-vehicle technology for public safety agencies, ensures that emergency personnel are equipped with all the essential devices and technologies to perform efficient operations to help keep our communities safe.

“We specialize in rugged in-vehicle tablets, laptops, mounting equipment, docking stations, power supply and power modules. This allows state and local governments to equip their officers with what’s needed to stay updated with local happenings, even while on road,” says Aaron Bauer, co-founder of MCT. Bauer, along with Bill Duncan, both former Panasonic TOUGHBOOK sales representatives, founded MCT in 2008. They have a vast knowledge of computers and services for public safety vehicles and how to equip them with wireless technologies. The duo established MCT as a value-added reseller of technology devices for these specialized mobile environments.

MCT has customized technology solutions for every kind of vehicle, whether on land or in the air. The team is adept at creating computer technology solutions for automobiles, SUVs, fire trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, and even airplanes. “We have an understanding of not only the technology of the laptop or device and mounting solutions but also the power challenges that come with different vehicles,” remarks Bauer.

The company believes in forging close relationships with customers, rather than working with them only for the term of the contract and stepping away once the product has shipped. The MCT team collaborates with its customers from the initial planning stage to the final delivery and installation. The longevity, productivity, and accuracy of its products have made MCT a favorite among its customers, no matter where they are located in the U.S.
MCT also has deep relationships with manufacturers such as Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, which keeps the company updated with new technologies, products, and accessories that are set to launch. This roadmap helps MCT guide its customers to make informed decisions about the direction in which to move their departments, depending on the type of rugged technology products and services available.

With COVID-19 impacting the world, there have been immense changes in how businesses operate. Since its inception, MCT has efficiently conducted business by being dependable and very agile. The company’s flexibility has resulted in police departments asking MCT to help them adjust and address the “new normal” as it relates to their technology acquisitions. For example, before COVID, police officers and other public safety professionals would share computer equipment from shift to shift, thus increasing the risk of spreading germs. As the pandemic grew, these agencies were looking for ways to keep their officers safe. MCT was proactive and developed the “One Officer One Laptop” program that addressed essential sanitization methods, safety measures, and special pricing for Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS. This program is designed to ensure that every officer is assigned a dedicated laptop or tablet, reducing the chance of contamination.

MCT is currently making efforts to get government contracts in domains other than law enforcement, fire, and EMS departments. The company recently contracted for one-thousand computers for the Utah Transit Authority. The computers will be in trains, buses, and other modes of transportation throughout the state in the coming years. In addition, MCT is in the works to help state and local governments with grant writing processes to acquire the funds necessary to purchase rugged technology for their departments.

“With the challenging times we are in, the role our first responders and our public safety agencies play in keeping our communities safe is more critical than ever,” says Duncan. “It reinforces the importance of our efforts to ensure that our police officers, firefighters and emergency medical service professionals have the right equipment, when they need it and every time they need it.”

Mobile Concepts Technology

Phoenix, Arizona

Aaron Bauer and Bill Duncan, Co-Founders

Mobile Concepts Technology (MCT) offers rugged, in-vehicle technology for public safety agencies throughout the U.S., including police departments, fire-fighting agencies, medical emergency departments, among others. Since 2008, MCT has been catering to the needs of a diverse range of state and local governmental agencies, as a value-added reseller of technology devices for changing environments including hardware, software, and wireless products and services. MCT offers rugged devices, laptops, docking stations, mounting equipment, printers, and barcode scanners, the latest in mobile technology. MCT has customized technology solutions for every kind of vehicle and is adept at creating computer technology solutions for automobiles, SUVs, fire trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, and even airplanes

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