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Denis O’Shea, Founder & CEO
Mobile app development has been changing constantly with new opportunities and threats making their way into the landscape. In order to harness the opportunities and mitigate the threats, businesses need to be agile and also ensure that they strike a balance between innovation and security. Mobile Mentor takes both these factors into consideration in its approach to mobile app development. Acknowledging the fact that mobile technology will positively impact the way professionals work in every industry, Mobile Mentor develops, secures, and supports mobile technology to simplify its customers’ lives.

“The intersection of mobile app development, security, and user support is our sweet spot. We believe any successful app needs to be secure, well-designed, and provide a great user experience,” explains Denis O’Shea, founder and CEO, Mobile Mentor. Thus, to cater to these requirements, the company offers advanced mobile app development, mobile security, and mobile support services to organizations operating across regulated industries such as healthcare, government, financial services, forestry, and construction.

Most organizations across these industries lack the internal resources, skills, or experiences to build apps that fulfil their specific business requirements. Another aspect is the complexity of mobile security, which affects the ability to innovate. The third major factor is mobile operating systems, which are changing constantly. Mobile Mentor considers all these factors and unlocks the massive potential of mobile technology for enterprises with the help of its three different in-house app development teams. While one team focuses oniOS native development to build high-spec apps for healthcare, another team specializes in hybrid apps, using a single code-base for both iOS and Android devices. The third team, on the other hand, designs apps in the Microsoft environment particularly on top of the Microsoft 365 platform using PowerApps, Flow, and Teams etc.

Mobile Mentor typically conducts a series of workshops to capture the clients’ business requirements, user stories, integration requirements, security standards and design aspirations.

We believe any successful app needs to be secure, well-designed, and provide a great user experience

The Mobile Mentor team works with Microsoft Azure and AWS and works with a wide variety of back-end systems, dealing with proprietary APIs and interfaces for mobile app development, depending on a client’s requirements. In some projects, Mobile Mentor develops custom APIs to access a legacy system with the help of third-party technologies. “Our secret sauce is that our app developers, security engineers, and support analysts work together while developing a new app for businesses. This increases the chances of delivering the right solutions without delays,” says O’Shea.

He cites a customer success story where Mobile Mentor aided a company in revamping their mobile app, transitioning it from “good to great.” The client’s app had limited users and a big backlog of new features and improved usability. They required someone to take complete ownership of the app, right from managing all the future developments to ensuring security and performing regular penetration testing. Mobile Mentor combined all three service lines—development, security, and support—to increase the user base and improve the functionality and security of client’s app. “Our focus on mobility and passion for end-user mobility is the key differentiating factor. We make sure that a day in the life of a nurse or any service worker can be completely mobile,” mentions O’Shea.

In recent months, Mobile Mentor has provided specialized support to businesses that have been moving to Microsoft 365. O’Shea reckons that Microsoft has tremendous capabilities that will empower the mobile workforce, and Mobile Mentor is able to unlock those capabilities. Mobile Mentor is celebrating 15 years in business and operates in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

Mobile Mentor

Nashville, TN

Denis O’Shea, Founder & CEO

Offers mobile app development, mobile security, and mobile support services to end users

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