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CIO VendorCraig Ford, Managing Director
Over the years, mobility has ushered in diverse facets, which have driven growth among various parallels. But still there is a compelling need for mobility to take center stage and create an ecosystem that would be able to empower user by improving workflow and delivering efficiency with the use of a mobile app. An efficient enterprise ecosystem for Mobile Programming is a future oriented growth that could empower decision-making process for the end user. Due to this reason, their clients have always bestowed trust upon them in delivering proficient results that helps them reach their target market and offer better products and services.

The future for Mobile Programming is all about personalization and how users can interact with devices at a deeper level. The advent of Google Glass and other connected devices has marked a new wave of mobility solutions that will push user engagement to new heights. The real world application for these technologies are immense and Mobile Programming is focused on expanding smartphone mobility to internet of things. According to Craig Ford, “In the near future, we are looking at complete automation from home to workplace. We feel the need of the hour is intuitive services that not only offer future ready products but also capture end user requirements”.

The overall mobility sector has most definitely reached its peak as businesses are now looking forward for new dimensions to increase their efficiency and reduce overhead by phasing out redundant processes. Mobile Programming understands various challenges of transforming the conventional processes using mobile technologies and offers best practices that can help their clients address these.

The direct result of above is successful implementation of more than 1300 apps; out of which over 100 apps built by them have been featured as top apps, amongst various categories in app store. They have a niche in developing apps for iOS as well as Android. They have also expanded their reach to incorporate soup to nuts solutions for Google Glass, Internet of Things, Wearables and connected devices.

When asked about their future roadmap, Craig Ford optimistically mentioned that they have been seeing a double digit growth and in the last year they have hired over 140 people with future plans to hire more than 150 people in the current fiscal year across their various offices. With their current presence with over seven offices across US, a further expansion with three more offices in US is on the cards.

Some of their well recognized clients are Novartis, General Mills, SAP, Google, Weight Watchers, MTV, HBO, Disney, Dow Jones, Deloitte, eBay, Bayer, United Nations Foundations, Philips, Amgen & many more. Due to the emergence of Internet of Things and Big Data they see Healthcare, Life

Verticals With Most Traction

Mobile Programming is amongst the few who have laid a strong foundation in the ecosystem of internet of things. Taking forward their expertise in developing rich mobile applications for smartphones, they are dedicated to achieve the same in the field of connected devices. The mobility solutions provider understands the importance of mobile readiness in the core architecture of enterprises that helps it offer services with optimal scalability, flexibility and security.

Mobile Programming LLC

Craig Ford, Managing Director

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