MobileFrame: Enabling Businesses To Create, Deploy & Administer Sophisticated Applications

CIO Vendor A successful mobility project requires a complete mobility solution with built-in mobile application development, mobile device management, project administration, GPS Tracking, synchronization and integration features. Gaining a competitive advantage by replacing inefficient and error-prone paper forms with automated mobile solutions that boost productivity and increase revenue is the need of the hour.
Headquartered in Los Gatos, CA, MobileFrame offers a 100 percent code-free enterprise mobility platform that does exactly that. It enables businesses to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications and web portals. Founded by Lonny Oswalt, the firm offers an intuitive point and click system that eliminates time-consuming and expensive custom coding and includes the management tools necessary for a successful mobility project.

“We provide everything your enterprise needs to ensure projects run smoothly and drive high returns on investment including user-friendly tools for Rapid Mobile Application Deployment, Robust Administration Tools for managing your projects and mobile devices, and an Integration Wizard that makes integrating to backend systems a breeze”, says Lonny.

Replacing Paper-Based Processes With Wireless Applications

The firm’s enterprise mobility platform helps businesses to replace paper-based processes with wireless applications and integrated web portals that improve their bottom-line. MobileFrame pioneered the field of Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM software, offering the first true rapid deployment mobile solutions. “Our revolutionary Smart ArchitectureTM uses a graphical user interface that allows novice computer users to instantly create, manage and deploy sophisticated mobile applications without the need for custom programming,” says Lonny.

He goes on to add “All programming and synchronization complexities are handled in the background so they are transparent to the business user. These features make MobileFrame software readily adaptable to changing business processes.”
A Step Above The Rest

Most mobile platform and middleware solutions are not configurable by business end users; they are software tool kits for highly trained IT staff. MobileFrame provides an entire configurable front-end application operating system that leverages middleware such as application servers, mobile gateways, and EAI products to provide end user functionality and automation of any backend systems.
The company’s products are unique because business users can configure their mobile applications or web portals without involving IT staff, which enables companies to easily create a wide range of mobile solutions such as work orders, site inspections, order processing, time tracking, and asset management – literally anything imaginable. The end result is dramatically reduced costs and improved efficiencies.

Protocols & Standards Used

All MobileFrame Software Suites are built on the latest .NET, IIS, Web Services and database connectivity standards. They run on any TCP/IP network using HTTP or HTTPS. The components of MobileFrame’s system incorporate XML and SOAP/WSDL. All MobileFrame Software Suite components work with existing servers, networks, and applications to leverage the performance, scalability, and reliability of proven system software from Microsoft, Oracle and other enterprise software providers.

The MobileFrame products share their database technologies and client technologies. The MobileFrame Client is built on the latest .NET technology running on any .NET compatible device as well as any device with an HTML 4+ compatible browser (and soon iPhone/Android devices natively); all capable of running the same application in a mixed device environment – build once, deploy anywhere. It communicates with the MobileFrame Web ServiceTM across standard TCP/IP networks whether they be LAN (Cradle or 802.11 Wireless) or WAN (GPRS, VPN, CDPD).

350 Years of Collective Experience

Another standout point about MobileFrame is the team that combines over 350 years collective experience in enterprise software design, development, and management drawing on backgrounds with major corporations such as Cisco, Sun, IBM, Oracle, Netscape, Remedy, and Apple Computer. The team’s technical expertise spans a range of technologies including Microsoft technologies such as .NET, Internet technologies, mobile and wireless middleware, local and wide-area networks, and enterprise systems.


A provider of configurable mobile applications that enable customers to dynamically create and manage their own business-process workflow through a simple GUI