MobileIron [NASDAQ: MOBL]: Driving the Mobile Enterprise Transformation

Barry Mainz, President & CEO
Enterprises are increasingly adopting the BYOD culture to keep employees happy and productive by empowering them to use their favorite mobile devices for work. “Currently, most large enterprises have more mobile devices on their network than legacy PC. Modern platforms such as IOS, Android and Windows 10 are increasingly dominating modern computing, a trend that will continue in the years to come,” begins Barry Mainz, CEO at MobileIron. However, despite reaping wide-reaching advantages, adopting BYOD approach is a complex process for any business when it comes to security. “Advanced operating systems mandate a new approach to security and management, the daily approach that MobileIron has pioneered since its inception,” claims Mainz. To further take this trend to the next level, MobileIron [NASDAQ: MOBL]—a Mountain View, CA based firm enable organizations to embrace mobility as their primary IT platform to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness.

The firm provides a purpose-built mobile Information Technology (IT) platform for enterprises to secure and manage mobile applications, content and devices. MobileIron’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform provides secure access to business email, apps, Wi-Fi, VPN and content on any device whether it is a BYOD or Corporate-owned, Personally-enabled (COPE) device program. By securing the data-at-rest on the mobile device, in mobile apps, and in cloud storage, MobileIron provides complete control over all corporate data stored on employee-owned devices and uses secure containers to prevent business data from mixing with personal data. “MobileIron is positioned to become the applications and security backbone for modern end-user computing,” states Mainz.

Additionally, the firm offers cross-platform BYOD enterprise solutions to eliminate the shadow IT and enable the deployment of mobile security framework allowing lines-of-business and users to use their desired mobile devices and productivity apps. MobileIron has recently launched MobileIron Access with the aim that: “only trusted apps on trusted devices with trusted users should be able to access corporate data in the cloud.” According to Mainz, “With MobileIron Access, customers get a best-of-breed solution that integrates into their existing technology like their identity provider, and, it does not require any modifications to the cloud apps.”

MobileIron is positioned to become the applications and security backbone for modern end-user computing

“Our customers know that they can rely on MobileIron as the cornerstone for their mobile initiatives both now and in the future,” remarks Mainz. In an instance—MobileIron assisted Swiss Re, global wholesale provider of reinsurance, with BYOD technology. “Every employee should be able to work in the way they want and are used to,” says Urs Moser, expert infrastructure architect and Vice President Information Technology at Swiss Re. With more and more staff using their own smartphones and tablets to access its intranet and Personal Information Management (PIM) apps, the client initially relied on BlackBerry for its mobile IT. However, as 4,500 iPhones and iPads were further added to the system alongside the existing company devices, the client chose MobileIron to efficiently manage their BYOD devices. “We scrutinized some of the EMM solutions, and concluded that MobileIron was the best suitable for our needs.” With MobileIron's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system, the client’s Apple units are handled effectively, introduced alongside the BlackBerry platform.

Moving forward, MobileIron, like any publically traded company, aims to achieve growth and profitability in a rapidly changing enterprise software environment for the benefit of customers, shareholders, employees, and partners by exploring strategic options. “We are confident that MobileIron will continue innovating on its platform to remain competitive and demonstrate key differentiators that keep customers with a niche solution versus turning to larger partners that can offer consolidation,” concludes Mainz.


Mountain View, CA

Barry Mainz, President & CEO

Enable organizations to embrace mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness