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Steve Higgins, CEO Today, amidst the acute business disruptions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, a strong wave of digital transformation is sweeping across industries. With physical interactions turning impossible and risky, and digitization becoming a matter of survival, the pandemic created a significant uptick in the adoption of digital applications. From remote working and virtual meetings to contactless service delivery, organizations’ reliance on digital tools will only increase in a post-pandemic era. Evidently, among the vast array of technologies, IoT stands as the frontline enabler of this transformation.

According to a report by Vodafone, 84 percent of businesses named IoT as the key facilitator of their survival during the pandemic. With many companies planning to continue a hybrid work model, embracing IoT technologies and devices is no longer an option but a necessity. Whether it’s a small startup with five employees or an enterprise with 50,000 employees, IoT takes a leading role in ensuring greater agility, productivity, and efficiency.

Meanwhile, with millions of IoT devices and sensors deployed globally, establishing seamless, reliable connectivity becomes a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring business continuity andoperational excellence. However, this is where things get tricky for organizations, forcing them to partner with several carriers and manage a multitude of agreements, invoices, devices, and SIM cards. It leads to process inefficiencies, preventing organizations from making their IoT solutions operationally effective while giving them no or limited means to measure, manage, and track people and assets. Securing these IoT devices from cyberattacks is another aspect that puts organizations at a disadvantage. The growth in digital presence and the subsequent surge in data mobility and networks have amplified the number of cyberattacks and digital fraud, threatening their IoT ecosystem.

This is where MobileWare, a Colorado-based IoT solution provider, brings a world of difference. Established in 2001, MobileWare offers a unique, multi-carrier Single SIM™ card and data connectivity solution that provides companies with reliable connectivity and redundant network backup.

“MobileWare Single SIM™ is an intelligent, easy-to-deploy solution that helps organizations seamlessly connect IoT devices in different locations without having to manage multiple SIM cards or carrier contracts,” says Steve Higgins, CEO of MobileWare. The solution offers companies the freedom to choose from over 650 cellular networks at will across 210 countries, providing complete control over the quality of their connectivity from anywhere in the world. “We empower our clients to simply and securely connect all endpoints between their global customers,” Higgins adds.

Connecting All Business Touchpoints

MobileWare Single SIM™ solution has the ability to automatically failover between different carrier networks. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity, regardless of the device’s location.

Mobileware Single Sim Offers Companies the Freedom to Choose from Over 650 Cellular Networks at will Across 210 Countries, Providing Complete Control Over the Quality of their Connectivity

The solution allows businesses to measure the data flowing across various devices while helping them track their assets—be it a sensor in the factory, a truck in the fleet, or an employee at a job site—and make better business decisions. With MobileWare’s “one portal, one bill, and one pool of data” model to manage IoT connectivity, organizations can streamline and optimize their operations and enhance business efficiency.

“What gives MobileWare Single SIM™ an edge over the competition is its ability to ride on a fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network,” mentions Higgins. The company ensures enhanced cybersecurity within the network, allowing businesses to establish a secure internet connection. The ability to perform deep packet inspection on every kilobyte of data sent and received helps eliminate malware attacks and phishing attempts. It also provides quadruple redundancy connectivity, helping clients avoid interruption during natural disasters. On top of all, the device-agonistic, plug-and-play solution allows clients to become more cost-efficient through savings on their cellular connectivity and data charges.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for Connectivity

Designed in a highly customizable architecture, MobileWare Single SIM™ can be quickly tailored to meet and exceed the growing demands of many industry verticals, including restaurant, retail, education, security, and logistics. For example, during the pandemic, MobileWare was quick to modify its solution to help schools and school districts in the U.S. streamline and optimize their remote learning activities.

“The ‘digital divide’ prevailing in the education space left many students of socio-economically challenged families from learning. We put our best foot forward to provide 75 million hours of remote learning by transforming our Single SIM™ into a global hotspot,” says Higgins. MobileWare allowed students to deploy one hotspot for achieving uninterrupted connectivity, no matter where they were in the country. The solution would toggle between various network carriers—be it Verizon Communications, AT&T, Sprint Corporation, or U.S. Cellular, enabling students to participate in remote learning without hassles.

In another instance, MobileWare collaborated with a large quick-serve restaurant that has over 4,000 stores in the U.S., and Canada, and is looking to expand into European markets. To streamline their business operations across multiple locations, the client was relying on several carriers and SIM cards as well as managing various configurations, portals, and agreements.
This approach resulted in process inefficiencies that disrupted their global and domestic logistics and other operations. MobileWare came in and performed a proof of concept with 25 of their stores. The company’s novel Single SIM™ solution helped the client simplify and enhance the overall business model, allowing them to switch between network carriers in just a click. MobileWare also offered a 45 terabyte bucket of data, enabling the client to manage data from different carriers in a pool, effectively lowering their operational cost and saving them significantly on their data spend each month!

The Value-Added, Collaborative Approach

“Our service-focused innovation and best-in-class technology helps clients harness efficiency, scalability, and security to meet their growth objectives,” says Higgins. In addition to its solution suite, MobileWare is also recognized for its highly collaborative and transparent business model. A typical client engagement begins with the team at MobileWare performing a comprehensive assessment of the client’s requirements. Having that complete understanding, the company leverages its hands-on experience in the IoT connectivity space to customize a solution that fits the client’s specific needs. “We don’t try to squeeze clients into our box; instead, we wrap ourselves around them,” says Higgins.

"What Gives Mobileware Single Sim™ an Edge Over the Competition is its Ability to Ride on a Fully Redundant Global ip Network With A Scalable and Robust Core Carrier Network"

MobileWare’s team then works with the client to ensure that they can securely, consistently, and confidently connect and send data to the edge of their global footprint as well as measure and manage the information for better decision-making. The company also ensures that the data is flowing through its secure and reliable VPN, irrespective of the client’s existing platforms.

MobileWare fosters a collaborative culture that encourages creativity, openness, and forward-thinking when it comes to the workforce. This helps the diverse team—having experts from different backgrounds—go the extra mile while engaging with clients. “Everything we do at MobileWare is based on an underlying principle, ‘leave it better than you found it,’” comments Higgins. The company also focuses on continuous training to ensure employees’ personal and professional development.

Leading Toward a Connected Future

Combining its robust solution suite with decades-worth of experience and processes, MobileWare has achieved a progressive growth trajectory in the last few years. In 2020 alone, the company doubled its size from a business perspective and is planning to triple its size by 2022. The next big thing for MobileWare is the introduction of a new solution, Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS). The solution will help clients to reduce their operational costs further. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment and data service, clients will be able to leverage MobileWare’s CaaS to get a comprehensive suite that encompasses router, modem, SIM card, managed services, and 24/7 support for a monthly fee.

MobileWare also has market expansion plans in the pipeline, with a keen focus on partnering with like-minded firms and expanding its indirect sales channels. “We intend to serve as a one-stop-shop solution for an organization’s IoT connectivity needs by enhancing our value proposition, building new solutions, and adopting continuous technological improvements,” concludes Higgins.


Denver, CO

Steve Higgins, CEO

MobileWare is a Colorado-based IoT solution provider that offers a unique, multi-carrier Single SIM™ card and data connectivity solution, providing companies with reliable connectivity and redundant network backup. MobileWare Single SIM™ is an intelligent, easy-to-deploy solution that helps organizations seamlessly connect IoT devices in different locations without having to manage multiple SIM cards or carrier contracts. The solution offers companies the freedom to choose from over 650 cellular networks at will across 210 countries, providing complete control over the quality of their connectivity from anywhere in the world.