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Sergey Orlik, CEO
The exponentially growing mobile workforce today is a clear indicator of how the enterprises worldwide have embraced the concept of a mobile workplace. The influx of mobile devices is further driving BYOD and a mobile-first approach as enterprises continue to prioritize mobilization of business applications. In a bid to incentivize enterprise mobility and improve mobile productivity, companies are evaluating their options that range from cross-platform development to the migration of quotidian paper-based processes to a mobile format. “To this end, the mobile workforce requires the ability to simultaneously access and process the information in a rapid and secure manner,” points out Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab LLC.

Moscow-based MobilityLab LLC is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in the development of innovative, next generation enterprise mobility solutions. The firm’s main offering—WorksPad can transform iOS and Android devices into functional enterprise mobile workplaces that enable business users with easy and secure access to corporate files and mails. “WorksPad will turn user tablet or smartphone into a full-blown enterprise mobile workplace by implementing unique business capabilities and conveniently organizing them in one place,” says Orlik. In addition to providing seamless workflow outside the office, the enterprise solution offers secure access to Windows shared folders and Sharepoint document libraries. It comes equipped with an “all-in-one” functionality that includes a user-friendly interface and enterprise-grade security features that support both iOS and Android devices.WorksPad allows its customers the choice between BYOD or COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally- Enabled) wherein their employees get to decide between using their own devices or the ones provided by the employer to improve productivity.

Additionally, WorksPad features a functionally rich file manager that supports file management operations along with an embedded full-function office suite for creating and editing documents in Microsoft Office formats. The application also features an integrated corporate email client that allows a user to open multiple email messages, calendar events or attachments simultaneously.

Workspad has special editions for most of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems and can be easily integrated into a customer’s existing enterprise mobility infrastructure.

WorksPad will turn user tablet or smartphone into a full-blown enterprise mobile workplace by implementing unique business capabilities and conveniently organizing them in one place

“Integration with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Enterprise Mobile Application Management (MAM) providers has helped us become a part of the enterprise mobility ecosystem,” extols Orlik.

The recently launched WorksPad for Service Providers edition, extended the on-premises WorksPad Server offering with a multi-tenant cloud version that enables service providers to offer new value-added services to their customers. This version is particularly targeted towards service providers who have joined the Microsoft Cloud OS Network (COSN) and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programs to offer cloud services based on Microsoft products such as Office 365 Exchange and Sharepoint. The unique package offered by the cloud solution includes an enterprise-class mail solution, file storage, and MS Office applications in one mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore the solution enables service providers to provide their customers and their mobile employees with access to cloud services and enterprise resources deployed on a customer’s corporate infrastructure.

For the days ahead, MobilityLab LLC has plans to release a major upgrade on WorksPad that will feature a significant addition in terms of a functionality related to internet browsers. The firm plans to integrate content management and email management with the internet browsing functionality that will facilitate the task of loading the documents across the intranet and the external sites. “Of course we are agile enough to continue focusing on minor releases that will introduce additional features as we are planning on minor releases once a month atleast,” concludes Orlik.

MobilityLab LLC

Moscow, Russian Federation

Sergey Orlik, CEO

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