MobilSense Technologies: Bringing Simplicity and Automation to Clients

CIO Vendor While many tasks associated with wireless management can be accomplished with spreadsheets by knowledgeable personnel, companies often experience increased risk and labor costs when repetitive manual tasks face tight deadlines. The majority of the available wireless management solutions today are delivered via a people-centric versus application-centric approach, adding cost of the solution.

Knowing that the pace of change in the mobility marketplace is rapid and persistent, a company from Agoura Hills, CA has chosen to remain focused on wireless solutions and to deploy them on a flexible and adaptable architecture. This application-centric focus and flexible deployment strategy has fueled their success by permitting them to maneuver rapidly to stay on top of market changes and deliver unique client capabilities. MobilSense was founded in 2001 and is the oldest independent wireless management solution provider in the industry. “We have maintained a determined focus to provide the greatest breadth of functionality delivered through the most adaptable architecture in the industry. This wireless-only focus ensures that our solution will continue to evolve and grow with the dynamically changing mobility market place,” says Dave Stevens, President & CEO of MobilSense. He goes on to add, “We have leveraged the collective technology, business, customer support and telecommunications experience of our management team to develop and implement our solution and maintain solid customer relationships for years. Our management team has been in place for over a decade and remains committed to delivering a solution with the highest customer satisfaction possible.”

MobilSense’s solution incorporates the best wireless management industry practices to bring order and predictability to mobility environments

Bringing Order and Predictability to Mobility Environments

MobilSense’s solution, MobilSentryTM, launched in 2002, incorporates the best wireless management industry practices to bring order and predictability to mobility environments. The combination of extensive automation, analytics, uniquely flexible approach to implementation and ongoing support continues to deliver millions of dollars in carrier invoice savings as well as lowering administrative costs through dramatic staff reductions.

“We take pride in seeing our customers lower their wireless bills, increase their organizational control and processing speed and accuracy. We measure our success in the number of customers that have stayed loyal and continue to benefit from our solution, year after year,” says Dave.

A complete and powerful wireless management solution for the client is made possible by the emphasis on the company’s four foundational pillars, which are Automation, Analytics, Flexibility and Premier Service.

Enabling Continual Savings and Management Flexibility

Today the firm has over 300 clients, from Global 100 enterprises to mid-market companies. Many of these clients have been its customers for years. The company’s emphasis on automation to empower in-house resources with self-service capabilities enables a significantly lower price point to the wireless management market place.

The firm’s optimization architecture enables continual savings and management flexibility as carriers continue to change their pricing models. “Our automated processes have become an integral part of our customers' wireless management efforts. Year after year, our clients are able to experience powerful management control, efficiency and accuracy while saving time, money and internal human resources,” adds Dave. Utilizing the power of MobilSentryTM, the team has analyzed over one million devices, helping customers save millions of dollars by avoiding unneeded payments to the carriers.

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