MobiWork: End-to-End Business Mobility Solutions

Hervé Rivère, CEO
All thanks to the internet, the world is more connected than ever before, and organizations can deliver their goods and services to a global audience effortlessly. Similar to the internet’s transformative effect, Hervé Rivère, an entrepreneur and engineer with over 25 years of experience working with large software companies and smaller startups, recognized the potential of smartphones as a new innovative and disruptive platform. He believed that smartphones would transform the way modern businesses with employees in the field would operate. Turning his vision into reality, Rivère, along with technology experts and innovators with a significant track-record founded MobiWork, a software technology company focused on delivering leading-edge, powerful yet easy-to-use smartphone and cloud-based turnkey mobile workforce software solutions for any business with employees in the field.

Mobility Simplified

A majority of businesses use web-based systems that are not designed for mobility in the field and are unable to leverage a smartphone’s diverse features to its fullest potential. "MobiWork offers end-to-end mobility solutions that allow team managers, employees and customers to share in real-time accurate and consistent information. For instance, work orders, quotes, scheduling and dispatching, dashboards, reports, invoices and payment processing," explains Hervé Rivère, founder, and CEO of MobiWork. The solution helps clients enhance productivity, visibility, service quality, customer engagement, and competitive advantage. All a business needs is a smartphone or any device that supports a web browser, and it can be used anywhere in the world. The platform is available in 4 languages currently. It can be easily configured to fit the specific requirements of any business regardless of industry. And its built-in framework for connectivity and APIs simplify integration with a company’s existing backend system.

Real-time Visibility, Transparency and Workflows Automation

“MobiWork brings about transparency, consistency, and real-time visibility into daily workflows, which leads to proactive management,” says Rivère. From inventory to real-time status updates about a project to capturing payments, MobiWork’s extremely fast, responsive, and intuitive solution offers companies a comprehensive view of their operations. Any information related to field service operations is then incorporated into a client’s workflow and can be viewed through dashboards or reports. MobiWork’s web-based platform also facilitates real-time communication and can deliver push notifications. Since MobiWork automates field service management, companies can spend time on improving their operations and solving unexpected issues that might present themselves instead of managing regular workflows. Citing multiple real-life scenarios, Rivère explains how companies leverage their solution to drastically increase productivity, reduce costs, improve information exchange, customer engagement, and satisfaction.

MobiWork’s solution simplifies a field worker’s daily tasks by providing simple actions to follow and relevant information such as the equipment required for the day, navigation, and can relay notifications about delays or any other issues to the customer and their office. Also, MobiWork continuously focuses on optimizing every single step, such as automatically building a list of items to be loaded in a vehicle for maximum efficiency. The items that are loaded first are the last to be delivered, and the items near the door are the first to be delivered. If this helps a worker save an hour per day, then the benefits are compounded for a business with several employees.

Alongside efficiency, the safety of field workers is a significant concern for MobiWork, and the company has developed features called “Emergency” and “Watchdog” to address this. An employee working in a remote location or around dangerous equipment can press a button to notify the backend office if they require help. A notification is automatically sent along with the location so that immediate assistance is sent. On the other hand, Watchdog allows an employee to estimate the time required to complete a given work and set a timer accordingly.
When the timer runs out, an on-screen confirmation provides a yes or no option. If no response is recorded within the allocated time, then the office is notified, and a call is immediately placed to verify the whereabouts of the employee.

MobiWork offers end-to-end mobility solutions that allow team managers, employees and customers to share in real-time accurate and consistent information. For instance, work orders, quotes, scheduling and dispatching, dashboards, reports, invoices and payment processing

Improving Traceability and Security

With MobiWork, the problems associated with paper-based systems such as delays, data duplication, and entry errors are non-existent. Companies that rely on paper-based and other manual methods for recording data can instead leverage MobiWork’s automated solutions to enhance efficiency. For instance, after a piece of equipment is installed in the field by a worker, its barcode can be scanned, and this data is recorded to ensure accurate documentation and for traceability purposes. The solution can record signatures, pictures, and other valuable information, such as customer feedback forms directly from the field. This helps improve customer satisfaction and retention as a company can conduct surveys to gather valuable insights. Customers can use MobiWork’s dedicated portal to access information about the status of work orders; make payments and new requests.

Security and privacy are a top priority, and therefore data at rest and in transit is encrypted, and passwords are one-way encoded using the most advanced algorithms available. MobiWork performs static code analysis using tools such as SonarQube or Veracode and has undergone multiple vulnerabilities and penetration black-box testing. MobiWork is a premier Zebra Independent Software Program (ISV) partner, as well as being HIPAA compliant and certified with the EU-US Privacy Shield. In addition, MobiWork has an extensive access control framework where every single action in the platform can be enabled or disabled according to client needs. “Unlike other companies that rely on venture capital funding and are forced to focus their efforts solely on delivering profits to stakeholders, MobiWork places the customer’s best interests at the forefront,” adds Rivère. Moreover, the solution is beneficial in terms of cost and functionality, which has translated into satisfied clients worldwide. This is reflected in the 4.8-star rating on the Google Play Store from more than 15,000 users and over 250 positive reviews.

At its core, MobiWork is a technical organization providing one scalable software platform with multiple turnkey industry-specific solutions that meet the unique needs of any business with a mobile workforce worldwide. MobiWork already offers its Software-as-a-Service solutions to 50 countries with over 15,000 users, and this widespread reach corresponds to the prevalence of smart devices. Companies leveraging MobiWork’s solution span diverse verticals, including field services, logistics, asset management, field sales, and field marketing. They also range in size from small clients to large enterprises with several thousand employees. Recently, MobiWork has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the largest home construction software companies in the U.S., effectively showcasing its capability to scale as required. MobiWork is expanding its team and office spaces to facilitate a growing customer base and is directing focus toward sales and marketing. Rivère believes that its innovative technology (backed by five patents) and its passionate and dedicated team is the secret behind MobiWork’s impressive journey to becoming a leading mobile workforce solutions provider.


Boca Raton, FL

Hervé Rivère, CEO

A software technology company specializing in smartphone and cloud based mobile workforce solutions, perfect for any business with employees in the field.It is a complete smartphone and cloud-based solution for your employees in the field, your office workforce, and your customers.MobiWork's business mobility solutions improve productivity, information exchange, and customer satisfaction. The company's powerful mobility solutions are deployed in minutes, highly configurable, easily integrated with your existing software and reflect best business practices